Groove Essentials Youtube Channel

So while searching for a story for today, I stumbled across the Hudson Music Youtube channel and found a whole channel for Tommy Igoe’s Groove Essentials 2 DVD. This particular clip popped out to me. It’s about rideless grooves and how to use them. I found it incredibly useful. Same ole Tommy. However, I noticed he’s using Evans heads now where he was using Remo before. Enjoy!


How It’s Made – Evans Drum Heads

Yet another how it’s made video featuring the Evans drum head manufacturing process. Note: this vid is from Evans and not from the How It’s Made UK show.


Gear review – Evans Power Center Reverse Dot


Gear review – Evans Power Center Reverse Dot

The EPCRD (Evans Power Center Reverse Dot) is Evans’ answer to Remo’s Controlled Sound & Emperor X snare heads. Just like a G1 it’s a single ply 10 mil head, the only difference being the little 5 inch, 5 mil patch on the underside of the head.

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