Drummer Talk 08/20/2009 – Industry Insights

Industry titan, George Baldwin joins us in show this week as we pull back the curtain on the music industry and provide industry insights. The Flam is the rudiment of the week, Aaron Gillespie is the drummer of the week, we review the new MUTEMATH record, and we discuss the new Cover Band contest.

Drummer Talk 02/15/2008 – Warming Up

Warming Up is the topic for today. Cindy Blackman is the drummer of the week, we cover the Swiss Army Triplet in the rudiment of the week, we talk about mesh heads, and The English Muffin brings the news.

Drummer Talk 02/08/2008 – All About Thrones

Today, we talk all about thrones. Thanks bongovince for the topic suggestion! The flam paradiddlediddle is the rudiment of the week, Ask Dave covers hand pain, and Shawn Pelton is the drummer of the week. Show Notes

Drummer Talk 02/01/2008 – All About Brushes

We talk all about brushes on today’s show. Clayton Cameron is the drummer of the week and we demonstrate the single flammed mill. Enjoy! Show Notes

Drummer Talk 09/14/2007 – The Truth About Electronic Drums

We uncover the 4 truths about electronic drums today as well as bring you drumming news. The Flam Tap is the rudiment of the week, but we also rant on the Patriots at the end of the show. Show Notes

Drummer Talk 09/07/2007 – Soundproofing 101

Today’s show is all about Soundproofing. Plus we talk about photo shoots and the flam paradiddle. Adam Deitch is the Drummer of the Week. Show Notes

Drummer Talk 08/31/2007 – Stanton Moore Interview

We talk with Stanton Moore on today’s show as well as discuss stick selection. The Flamacue is this week’s Rudiment of the Week. Show Notes

Drummer Talk 07/27/2007 – Practice Tools

Today’s show is jam packed with a brand new rudiment of the week, tips on hearing protection and talk about practice tools. Paul Motian is the Drummer of the Week! Show Notes

Drummer Talk 04/26/2006 – Drumline

Today we talk all about drumline and things you need to get started in drumline/corps style playing. Also, Paul Skidmore joins us in house and talks about being a drumline instructor. Show Notes