New Stanton Moore Album Streets

I didn’t even know he had a new record coming out, but alas, the grand master du funk has released he new album, Emphasis! (On Parenthesis). It’s not out on iTunes yet, but it’s available over at MP3 for only $8.99! I recommend you go buy it .. NOW!

We’ll have a full review shortly.

DVD Review – New Orleans Drumming

PhotobucketThis DVD is actually a three in one deal. It’s three older videos that they smashed together into one package. That’s why there are three different set of credits throughout the DVD. In this package you get; Ragtime and Beyond: Evolution of a Style, with Herlin Riley. Street Beats: Modern Applications, with Johnny Vidacovich. From R&B to Funk, with Earl Palmer & Herman Ernest, to round things out. Read more

Hendrix Drummer, Buddy Miles, Dies at 60

Source: NY Times

Buddy Miles, the drummer in Jimi Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys and a hitmaker under his own name with the song “Them Changes,”died on at his home in Austin, Tex. He was 60.


Mr. Miles suffered from congestive heat failure, his publicist, Duane Lee, said, according to Reuters. Mr. Lee said he did not know the official cause of death.

Mr. Miles played with a brisk, assertive, deeply funky attack that made him an apt partner for Hendrix. With his luxuriant Afro and his American-flag shirts, he was a prime mover in the psychedelic blues-rock of the late 1960’s, not only with Hendrix but also as a founder, drummer and occasional lead singer for the Electric Flag. During the 1980’s, he was widely heard as the lead voice of the California Raisins in television commercials. (more…)

Drummer Talk 04/27/2007 – The View From the Other Side of the Kit

We have very special guests in studio as Mike Austin, Shannon Kropf, and Ben Cumming discuss the view from the other side of the drum set. Drummer of the week is Steve Jordan! Show Notes

Drummer Talk 02/16/2007 – Funk Drumming/Rick Latham Interview

I rambled on about funk drumming today as well as rolled a recent interview with Rick Latham! Show Notes