Drummer Talk 10/12/2007 – Choosing the Groove

We talk all about groove today as Mrs. “What Is Up” joins us in the studio. The Single Ratamacue is the Rudiment of the Week and Aaron Comess is the Drummer of the Week.  Show Notes

Drummer Talk 02/22/2006 – Keeping Time, Playing Other Kits

We try something new today, for the first time we have drummer talk and drummer lunch at the same time. We spend the entire time conversing about Jay Graham’s letter about keeping time, playing other people’s kit, and increasing hand speed.

Play with the Masters

I often get asked about how to learn a groove, or practice this or that style, particularly jazz. Practicing with a metronome is great practice in developing a sense of tempo and pulse, but how far does it go in develop a sense of groove … of pocket? This is where playing along to recordings is invaluable. The best advice I can give you is to simply find some good jazz records and begin playing along to them. Read more