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Drummer Talk 223 – The Art of Sitting In

Drummer Talk

Drummer Talk 223 – The Art of Sitting In

It’s a special Saturday show today as Dave and Troy discuss the art of sitting in as well as unveil brand new ways you can help support Drummer Talk! In news, we discuss the 26th annual Guitar Center Drum-Off, Chad Channing’s plan for a Nirvana reunion, the Bonham memorial, and we pay tribute to the late Idris Muhammad.

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Guitar Center Launches 25th Anniversary Drumoff #drumoff

It’s that time of year! For drummers from across the country to head to their nearest Guitar Center and show off their chops. Prizes include cash, drum kit of their choice (DW, Gretsch, OCDP, Tama, or Pearl), choice of cymbals, endorsement deals, electronic gear, mics, and more.

We’ll be sure to cover the competition right here on Drummer Talk!

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Drummer Talk 01/14/2010 – All About Stands

We are back from our Christmas break with a show all about stands! Mike tells us all about the drummer of the week, Ed Shaughnessy, we talk about Ramon Samson, the Guitar Center Drum Off Winner, and Carter is late!

Guitar Center Announces Drum-Off 2008 Details


World’s Largest Drum Competition Celebrates 20th Anniversary Offering Grand Prize Worth Over $45,000

For 20 years, Guitar Center has been committed to providing drummers across the country the opportunity to pursue their musical aspirations and achieve their dreams by way of the world’s largest drum competition: Guitar Center Drum-Off.

Starting August 1st, drummers can sign up for their chance to win over $45,000 in cash and prizes, joining over 5,000 drummers from across the US to compete for the title of Guitar Center’s Drum-Off Champion ‘08.

Like all Guitar Center music programs, Drum-Off is designed to provide developing artists with support-based opportunities that vastly improve the potential for their success as professional musicians. Drum-Off inspires up-and-coming drummers to further their musical aspirations, while at the same time encouraging the local music community and providing a platform for local musicians to network and be discovered. Read more

Best Buy Jumps in Musical Intrument Retail

Source: AP | Big Drum Thump

It appears the retail giant, Best Buy, wants in on the music retail business and plans to start offering gear at their stores.

Each site will use about 2,500 square feet of retail space and include roughly 1,000 different products with well-known brand names such as Fender, Gibson, Drum Workshop and Roland.

“We’re not just extending the shelf space in the store, we’re creating a designated area specifically for this experience,” said Kevin Balon, the company’s vice president of musical instruments. “And we’re trying to create an authentic and genuine musical instrument store look and feel inside of Best Buy.”

I don’t know about you, but I think this is an awful idea and will be a losing proposition for the yellow-tagged juggernaut.  I just don’t see me walking into Best Buy to drop $5k on a DW kit from some part-time high school kid when I’d MUCH rather go to a real music store and talk to drum professionals who can really take care of me.

I can see mom and dad getting their kid’s Christmas drumset there, but no real serious musician would buy into this.  The only real department that would be a logical benefit for Best Buy would be pro audio because it lines up alrady with their existing market base as an electronics retailer.

Oh, and I’m sure Guitar Center is worried about this.

Drummer Talk 03/08/2006 – Dave’s Soapbox

I get on my soapbox, today and answer some hate mail, talk about musicians hating on each other, drummers showing off at their local GC, and building relationships (relationships). We’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming next week. 🙂

Contemplating Vintage

So I’m at Guitar Center recently and they’ve got a nice 1966 Ludwig Champagne Sparkle 4pc drum kit for sale. They’ve knocked a ton off the price and I am seriously thinking of picking it up. (You can check out pics on the Moblog). And with that, I ‘ve recently dipped into the land of vintage drums and drumming. I can’t believe how much information is out there on this gear. There are magazines, websites, and societies and has left my head is spinning with all there is to learn. I’ve dug up a lot about the actual kit I’m looking at, but there’s just so much out there – which kit is which, what color was released in what year, is 1966 a good year (like wine), what were the innovations that were happening at the time, where do the serial numbers place the kit? All this stuff! Read more

Judging the GC Drum Off

I got the call to be a judge this year at Guitar Center’s 2004 Drum Off (Memphis Store). I judged tonight and will for the next 3 Tuesdays. Overall, the guys were pretty talented. There seemed to be a lot of drum line influence in many of the players, and that may be a normal thing. I just wasn’t expecting it. Read more