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Drummer Talk 179 – Spotlight on Hudson Music

Drummer Talk 179 – Spotlight on Hudson Music

Rob Wallis of Hudson music sits down and chats all about the history of Hudson Music, the state of video on demand, and the future of video content.  Show notes after the break…

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Groove Essentials Youtube Channel

So while searching for a story for today, I stumbled across the Hudson Music Youtube channel and found a whole channel for Tommy Igoe’s Groove Essentials 2 DVD. This particular clip popped out to me. It’s about rideless grooves and how to use them. I found it incredibly useful. Same ole Tommy. However, I noticed he’s using Evans heads now where he was using Remo before. Enjoy!



Hudson Releases Russ Miller DVD

Studio great Russ Miller (friend of the podcast) and Hudson Music have released Miller’s new DVD, “Arrival: Behind the Glass.” Seems like it’s part instructional DVD, part performance DVD. Russ is a great guy and phenomenal player. Check out Dave’s interview with Russ on the 1.19.07 podcast.

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New John Blackwell DVD from Hudson

Source: Harmony Central

Hudson Music announces the latest addition to its Master Series of drum instruction DVDs – John Blackwell: Master Series. The third title in the popular series features one of today’s top R&B drummers and showcases the playing that has earned him the drum chair with such high-profile artists as Justin Timberlake and Prince as well as international acclaim in his own right.

The three-hour DVD is divided into two main sections. In the first section, Blackwell performs with an all-star band and then explains and demonstrates the drum parts. Not only does the master drummer discuss the way the song and groove evolved along with the specific techniques that are involved in the performance, he demonstrates the patterns at normal and slow speeds to provide students with a deeper, fuller understanding of the parts and their musical context.

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Hudson Music Updates Its YouTube Channel

Hudson Music has recently added a lot of new videos to their YouTube channel. Most of the clips are sneak peeks at DVD released, but they are all worth a watch.


In case you didn’t know, Hudson Music has produced several of the top tier instructional DVDs out on the market today. They are AMAZINGLY well produced and feature A-list players strutting all their goods. Best of all, the DVDs are PACKED with content and resonably priced considering the amount of material you get. (For example, Thomas Lang’s Creative Control DVD clocks in at just over 5 hours, includes 2 Discs with charts, audio files, and more!)

I think these guys are at the top of the game right now and they are leading the DVD generation in instructional videos. Click more for some cool clips. Read more