Jeff Queen

Drummer Talk 04/29/2010 – Snare Drum Literature (#142)

We continue our discussion on solo literature and talk about snare drum repertoire on today’s show. Jeff Queen is the drummer of the week and the news covers Marimba 2010, Sabian’s Most Warped Drummer Contest, and Rascal’s reunion.


DVD Review – Jeff Queen: Playing with Sticks


Let it be known before I get this thing going, I’m not a snare drummer. At least, I’m not the kind of snare drummer like the target demographic of this DVD is. The type that probably have spent time in a marching band of some kind and play HUGE snare drums that sound like popcorn popping. This DVD made me very very hungry because I didn’t hear the snare drums as snare drums, I heard them as popcorn. How is this relevant? Not at all. Just thought I’d throw that out there. Read more