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Drummer Talk 08/06/2009 – In-Ear Moniitors

We are BACK for Season 5 of Drummer Talk – the Internet’s longest running drumming podcast.  On today’s show, we talk about what we’ve done all Summer, we discuss the passing of Jim Chapin, we return to our rudimental roots with the single stroke roll, Richard Starkey (AKA Ringo Starr) is the drummer of the week, and Dave gives his thoughts on in-ear monitors. 

What’s old is new again

I just picked up my very own copy of Jim Chapin’s Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer. This book, just like Stone’s Stick Control, is one of the true monuments in percussion methods, but I can’t believe it’s taken 20 years to finally own a personal copy. It’s one of things that my instructors or peers always had ready and I would copy certain pages to work on a particular exercise or etude. The book always seemed manageable by looking at one or two pages at a time, but now that I have a full copy, I’m truly astounded at how much knowledge and expertise is crammed into so relatively few pages. Read more