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Sabian Gets Fit With Thinner and Faster Models

Sabian has introduced a new addition to it’s AAX line. According to Harmony-Central.com, these cymbals were made in response to a demand from gospel and R&B players. After listening to the samples on Sabian’s website, it looks like this would right up those player’s alley.

Most gospel drummer I hear are going for a fast attack and little decay. Typically you can get this with small cymbals (14″, 15″ etc) and while this new line includes those sizes, in big gospel or R&B bans, you’re looking for something that can really cut through. You just don’t get that with most 14″ or 15″ cymbals. This could be a hit for Sabian. AAX is a nice line.

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Drummer Talk 12/08/2006 – PASIC Recap (Part III)

We wrap up our PASIC coverage today with Part III of our PASIC Recap. We talk about Jim Riley, John Riley (no relation), Rodney Holmes, and Keith Carlock. Plus, Dave has an embarrassing encounter with Benny Greb.