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Interview: Jason Bonham

Interview: Jason Bonham

Jason Bonham sat down with Gary Graff of Billboard Magazine and opened up about his dad John Bonham and playing with Phil Collins.

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Bonham’s sister, Deborah, calls memorial concert “greatest show of my life”

Bonham’s sister, Deborah, calls memorial concert “greatest show of my life”

A few weeks ago we brought you the new that John Bonham’s sister, Deborah, was hosting a fundraiser to raise money for a memorial in his hometown of Redditch. While numbers aren’t in, the concert seems to have been a a big success!

“I was very nervous but I have to tell you this was the most special show I have ever done in my life, it was just unbelievable… People all over the world have been donating and this is for the people. It’s not about one person paying for this statue, this is about the fans”

They’re still raising money, and if you’d like to give, you can make a donation here.

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Jojo Mayer like you’ve never seen him

Sometimes it can be difficult to picture our drumming heros playing outside of their “comfort zone,” so to speak, so it’s refreshing when they step out of themselves and let loose a bit.  We’re so used to Jojo Mayer being eternally precise and accurate, but in this video he’s slappin’ them skins Bonham style!

NOTE: Please watch this for the drumming only because, dear Lord, the vocalist is awful.

Alfred Publishing Releases Zeppelin and Rush Song Books

Finally! Someone has published books with drum transcriptions of big name bands and not made it dull and professorial! Alfred’s released two new song books cataloging the drum transcriptions of two rock heavyweights, Led Zeppelin and Rush. I’m interested to see how they’ve notated “Black Dog” for the breaks and “When The Levee Breaks” to see if they incoprorated the delay on the bass drum. When/if you play that particular groove, do you add in the bass drum delay on your bass drum part? Listen back to the track if you’re drawing a blank. Terrific track. Go Alfred!


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TRAPS Magazine Hangs It Up

Sadly, the good people at TRAPS Magazine have decided to cease production of the magazine. The parent publication, DRUM!, will continue, but it looks like the TRAPS experiment can’t weather a tough economy. This is a shame. TRAPS was a fine publication that really set the bar for in-depth drumming/music journalism. We’ve given TRAPS the love on the show before and we will miss them.


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Jason Bonham talks new Zep

Jason Bonham – son of original Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham – has said he, Jimmy Page, and John Paul Jones are working on new material.


Much to the delight of Led Zeppelin fans everywhere, Bonham revealed that he’s been meeting up with Led Zep guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones in recent months and that they’ve been “trying to do some new material and writing.”

It was the first time since Led Zeppelin announced they would re-form for a single performance (which happened late last year at London’s O2 Arena, in honor of the late Ahmet Ertegün, who signed the band to Atlantic Records in 1969) that anyone connected to the band has confirmed publicly that new music could be on the horizon for the iconic rockers.

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Drummer Talk 08/21/2008 – Working with Live Sound Guys

This week we talk about working with live sound guys .. gals .. humans.  Sound people.  John Bonham is the drummer of the week, the Inverted Flam Tap is the rudiment of the week, and we review the Lenny White signature stick by Vic Firth.  Show Notes

Vanderbilt Article says “Drummers: Integral and underappreciated”

Vanderbilt University has a cool student article on the importance of drummers in rock history. Includes takes on John Bonham, Ginger Baker, Charlie Watts, and Keith Moon.

Imagine listening to a band live and what you remember hearing. Was it the shredding of your favorite electric guitarist? Was it the serene vocals of an idol of yours, American or otherwise? Maybe one of these was your answer. However, more people might admit that it was the drummer and his percussive elements connecting the rest of the band together. The drummer is the backbone of the band, yet seems to be constantly overshadowed by other band members like guitarists and singers. For many, if it were not for the drummer, the band would not have made music in the first place.

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Drum! Offers Free John Bonham Article Download

If you’re not a subscriber of Traps Magazine, you may have missed the excellent, 25-page article on John Bonham in their Autumn 2007 issue. The article features lots of photos, history, transcriptions, and is ad free!

The swell guys over at Drum! Magazine are now offering the full article as a PDF download. No login or user account required. Thanks Drum!, and please keep this kind of thing coming. It adds a lot to the drumming community!