jojo mayer

Jojo Mayer and Tony Royster, Jr. Drum Battle

How many times have I gotten that video in my email of Tony Royster, Jr. when he was 12? Well, he’s grown up now, and takes on the reigning champion of drum chops, Jojo Mayer. This video is taken from Singapore Drumfest 2007.



DVD review – Jojo Mayer’s Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer


This is with out a doubt the finest guide to hand technique ever filmed and hence, shall be the standard to which all drum technique videos are held. It covers the entire spectrum of Jojo’s hand technique arsenal. From the absolute beginning (grips, fulcrum, hand position, matched and traditional grip, etc…) to the most advanced techniques that he uses in his playing (moller, drop bounce, push pull, etc…). Jojo explains the physical and anatomical aspects of each technique, and makes excellent use of slow motion and CGI effects, so you can see and truly grasp what you are seeing. He lays out exercises, trouble shoots problems, and explains the main points of his practicing philosophy. All of this makes learning the techniques, not only possible but surprisingly fast. Especially when compared to somebody just aimlessly practicing without a plan. Props to Jojo for doing all the heavy brain work for us. Read more