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Keith Moon was too wild for Alice Cooper

Chock rocker, Alice Cooper, recently talked with Seattle PI recently about hanging with The Who drummer, Keith Moon.  It turns out, Cooper would hide from the wild man!

“When you party with Keith Moon your body really knows about it – -one time he stayed with me for a week, and I literally wasn’t allowed to sleep for seven days. Keith was like a battery that never ran out. It got to the stage with Keith where I’d hear he was in town and hide somewhere because I couldn’t face another bender.”

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Keith Moon Honored by Blue Plaque

Source: BBC News

The Who drummer Keith Moon is to be honoured with a blue plaque at the site of some of the band’s early gigs.  The plaque will be unveiled by his former bandmates Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend at the location of the Marquee Club on Wardour Street, London.


(Yes, that’s a goldfish in his floor tom)

The Who made their debut at the Marquee Club, at 90 Wardour Street, on 24 November 1964, and went on to play at the venue 29 times.

The plaque has been organised by the Heritage Foundation after a request by Mr and Mrs Hurley was turned down by English Heritage.

An English Heritage spokesperson said they decided not to erect an honour because “more time needs to elapse to judge his contribution more fully”.

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Vanderbilt Article says “Drummers: Integral and underappreciated”

Vanderbilt University has a cool student article on the importance of drummers in rock history. Includes takes on John Bonham, Ginger Baker, Charlie Watts, and Keith Moon.

Imagine listening to a band live and what you remember hearing. Was it the shredding of your favorite electric guitarist? Was it the serene vocals of an idol of yours, American or otherwise? Maybe one of these was your answer. However, more people might admit that it was the drummer and his percussive elements connecting the rest of the band together. The drummer is the backbone of the band, yet seems to be constantly overshadowed by other band members like guitarists and singers. For many, if it were not for the drummer, the band would not have made music in the first place.

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