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Peter Criss to Receive Humanitarian Award

Founding Kiss drummer Peter Criss has been admirably up front about his struggle with breast cancer, working steadily over the last several years to help educate men about the risks and warning signs associated with the disease, and his efforts have not gone unnoticed; in fact, Criss is the recipient of this year’s Humanitarian of the Year Award from the American Cancer Society.

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Eric Singer of KISS talks new album

In a recent Q&A with KISS Army Autralia, current KISS drummer, Eric Singer, discusses what it’s like to be drumming for KISS and what’s in store for a new KISS album.

Q: From the outside looking in it seems as though the band is quite early in the stages of preparing the follow up album.  In going about the preparation of the album is there a focus on creating an album that follows in the vein of Sonic Boom or is it more of a case of seeing where the band ends up once tracks are ‘in the can’?

A: We are already knee deep into the new record as I write this… All’s I can say is you will all be very pleased. The material is stronger and more riff oriented and very hard/heavier style.Everyone that has heard material so far is raving about the stuff and we are too 🙂

Q: Has your involvement on the new album been any different to Sonic Boom, or earlier KISS albums?

A:As a band we are more comfortable and have more time together under our belts now that really shows in our writing, performances etc…  We work out all the material together in rehearsals as a band before we go into the studio. It really makes for better vibes and performance overall.

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Here is an older interview with Singer discussing Sonic Boom.

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Take to the seas with KISS

KISS has just announced that they’ll be offering a KISS Kruise from October October 13-17, sailing on the Carnival Destiny.

ARE YOU READY to INVADE the seas on the first ever KISS Kruise? KISS is partnering with cruise industry leaders, Sixthman for this sea-bound adventure.

On this outrageous ship, you’ll get to party with fist pounding hard rock all night, and live like a rock star all day. You’ll see a legendary show with KISS in an intimate indoor venue and an acoustic “Sail Away Concert” (no make-up!!) to keep the party going as the ship leaves port. It doesn’t stop there; we’ll have krazy on board activities, KISS-themed nights, badass costume contests and more!

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