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Chad Smith, Will Ferrell, and Lars Ulrich set to do drumming battle!

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Chad Smith, Will Ferrell, and Lars Ulrich set to do drumming battle!

After the much anticipated drum battle between Will Ferrell and Chad Smith, the world was left wondering what could possibly top it! Their next doppelgänger target: Lars Uruich!

“Lars gets pissed because he gets mistaken for both me and Chad Smith,” Ferrell told Spin recently. “He can settle that score now, too.” Smith added, “There it is. The gauntlet is down.”

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Guy trolls Chad Smith, Chad Smith retweets to his 323k followers

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Guy trolls Chad Smith, Chad Smith retweets to his 323k followers

In the spirit of good natured ribbing for the upcoming Chad Smith/Will Ferrell/Lars Ulrich drum off, Chad popped off a little trash talk on Twitter.


It seems one dedicated Metallica fan took it personally:


So naturally, Mr. Smith retweeted it to his 323k followers.

Chad Smith – 1, Internet troll – 0.

Who just called Lars Ulrich an “Unbelievably Bad” Drummer?

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Who just called Lars Ulrich an “Unbelievably Bad” Drummer?

Because the world needs more musician feuds, Barry Burns of Mogwai (a Scottish post-rock band… ya know, in case you were like “who?”) had a few choice words about Lars Ulrich regarding Metallica’s upcoming stint in the Glastonbury rock festival.

“I can’t wait to hear that guy play the drums again – unbelievably bad. He’s terrible.”

You’d better be careful, Barry.  Lars don’t take kindly to people disrespecting him (just ask Napster’s Sean Parker)!

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Alfred Publishing Releases On The Beaten Path: Metal

Looks like Alfred Publishing is really trying to make a series out of their On The Beaten Path books. Following up their award winning “On The Beaten Path: The Drummer’s Guide to Musical Styles and the Legends Who Defined Them,” and the associated book on Prog Rock, Alfred’s getting into the metal game with their latest release. I think their next release in this series should be jazz. I think there are tons of guys who would eat that up. Bring on the swing!

Lots of good metal drummers in this book, including the coffee-drinking Charlie Benante. Maybe he and this book can curl up next to a warm toasty fire on a winter’s night with his coffee mug. HARDCORE!!!


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Another drummer gets on the gaming bandwagon

We’ve been bringing reports about drummers getting involved with various upcoming music video game releases (Mike Portnoy, Chad Smith, Travis Barker), now it looks like Metallica slugger, Lars Ulrich, is seeing the advantage of this new medium.

Harmonix’s Rock Band can often serve as a sort of subliminal radio station. After being forced to play through the song Cherub Rock five times before finally passing it on expert mode, you might just become the newest Pumpkins fan. Enough Fall Out Boy, and you may find yourself tracking down their discography–much to your dismay.

Needless to say, the record companies couldn’t be happier.

“A few weeks ago, when [Guitar Hero: Aerosmith] came out, there was more than a 40 percent increase in their catalog sales,” said Billboard analyst Geoff Mayfield to CNN.

“I expect you’ll see that again when Metallica gets the same kind of treatment in a few weeks,” he added.

As a result, even Lars “Napster Baaaad” Ulrich, Metallica drummer, is getting into the spirit of Guitar Hero.

“It’s a cool generational thing to share that with your kids,” said Ulrich. “My [son’s] favorite bands are.. the same bands that are my favorite bands–the bands I grew up on.”

Despite the obvious reason behind Ulrich’s enthusiasm–Metallica songs sold on Rock Band and Guitar Hero III are lining his pockets by the download–it’s hard to argue with his sentiment.


Metallica gets their own 24/7 XM Station

From August 16 to September 30, fans of Metallica can tune in to XM Mandatory Metallica which will feature the bands full catalog, live performances, and other rarities.  According to PRNewsire,

Beginning August 16, “Mandatory Metallica” (XM 51), will provide fans with music from the entire Metallica catalog, including rare live recordings from the band’s personal archives, extensive interviews with the band andmore. Metallica guitarist and singer James Hetfield, drummer Lars Ulrich, guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Robert Trujillo will serve as hosts for the six-week long channel.

In addition, the channel will also air interviews with other artists who will share their thoughts about Metallica’s musical contributions, including Linkin Park, Slipknot, Disturbed, Guns n Roses, Chris Cornell, Ashes Divide, Blackstone Cherry, Five Finger Death Punch, Atreyu, Skid Row, Cinderella, Mastodon, Judas Priest, Dragonforce, Triumph, Tesla and many others.

Find out more over at the XM Mandatory Metallica site.

Lars Speaks to Rolling Stone and Talks Downloads


Rolling Stone recently caught up with Metallica drummer, Lars Ulrich, at a recent record signing. He talks quite candidly about the state of music today an the digital music revolution.

RS: You were one of the first artists to sue over copyright infringement and voice concerns over aspects of downloading. Eight years later, with bands like Radiohead embracing the Net and yet charting, how has your stance changed, if at all?
Lars: We have FLACs and MP3s for sale. It was never about downloading per se. We have the Vault where you can download shows from twenty years ago for free, full-on and it’s been there for years. You can download recent shows days after they happen for cost. Back in the day there was a much bigger question about “on whose terms?” We said, “Wait a minute, it should be about the artist.” Then all hell broke loose and we sat on the sidelines for a while. We’ve always been fiercely independent and controlling; sometimes to a fault. That’s why we exist and why all these people show up.

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