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Win Will Calhoun’s Kit!

Drummer Talk

Win Will Calhoun’s Kit!

So what do world famous A-list drummers do with their old gear? Apparently, they give it away! Living Colour’s Will Calhoun, with the help of Modern Drummer,  is giving away his “Lazer Canary” yellow Mapex kit. The contest ends November 30.

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Drummer Talk

Transcription – “Cult of Personality”

Ahhhh.  It’s 1988, and you’ve had just about enough new wave as you can handle.  Belinda Carlisle is no longer a Go-Go, George Michael is no longer in Wham!, and Rick Astley was not yet a punch line.   Thankfully, a new, underground band out of New York is about to light up the rock world and not only break musical barriers, but racial ones as well.

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Drummer Talk 08/27/2009 – Losing the gig

Today, we talk about how to handle losing a gig. Wil Calhoun is the drummer of the week, the drag is the rudiment of the week, Carter brings the news, and we discuss the amazingness of tea! 

Wil Calhoun Clinic In Savannah, May 10


THOUGH BEST KNOWN AS THE INVENTIVE TRAP DRUMMER in the groundbreaking fusion band Living Colour (whose aggressive and noisy metallic funk helped shape the sonic landscape of late ’80s and early ’90s hard rock), two-time Grammy Award-winner Will Calhoun is also a respected jazz percussionist who continues to play and record with a diverse roster of major artists.

He recently wrapped four shows at NYC’s Performance Space 122 that found Calhoun integrating his loves of poetry, sound and photography into a mixed-media event drawing on his studies of global ethnic music.

He returns to Savannah nearly two decades after his last visit for a special clinic at Portman’s Music Superstore. I caught up with Calhoun by phone.

How did the shows at PS122 go?

Will Calhoun: Tremendous. It allowed me to play dulcimer and interesting indigenous flutes handmade for me during my travels abroad. It was called Black Holes because those are missing spaces in the middle of universes. No one knows how big or deep they are – just like our lives.

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