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Ever seen a cymbal shaped like a samurai helmet? Or a shield? Or a hand? MusicRadar hadn’t – until we met British cymbal-maker Matt Nolan at Musikmesse 2009.

Nolan gave us a quick interview about the methods behind his cymbalsmithery, and even played them for us, too.

As Rhyhtm magazine’s Chris Barnes says: “They sound absolutely nuts”. But in a good way…



TRAPS Magazine Hangs It Up

Sadly, the good people at TRAPS Magazine have decided to cease production of the magazine. The parent publication, DRUM!, will continue, but it looks like the TRAPS experiment can’t weather a tough economy. This is a shame. TRAPS was a fine publication that really set the bar for in-depth drumming/music journalism. We’ve given TRAPS the love on the show before and we will miss them.


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February 2008 Drum! Issue Now Online

You can now peruse the February 2008 issue of Drum! Magazine online for free at In this issue, they feature Zach Lind of Jimmy Eat World, Tony Williams transcriptions, solid shell snare drums, recording effects, Trick drums, Hammerax hybrids, and Hornet sticks. Go get it now!

Drum!’s Jam Cruise Video

Yesterday, we reported that you could catch a slideshow of Drum! Magazine’s coverage of the Jam Cruise 6. They’ve now updated their site with accompanying videos!

Jam Cruise (featured in DRUM!’s April, 2008 issue) follows the lives of a half-dozen drummers on the annual jam cruise. DRUM! Associate Editor also found time for video interviews with several top players on the cruise, taking time from his sunbathing duties to meet with Galactic’s Stanton Moore (, New Orleans legend Russell Batiste (, Rob Koritz and Dino English of Dark Star Orchestra (, Dave Watts of Motet fame (, and Alan Evans of Soulive (

So far, it’s just Stanton Moore’s interview, but more are on the way.  Check out the video here …

Vote Now for the 2008 Drummies!

Drum! Magazine is currently conducting their annual reader’s poll, dubbed the “Drummies,” and you can get in on the hot, voting action.  Head over to their website to take the survey and let your vote be heard.

Ahh, reader’s polls.  Let’s all watch as the same few drummers win year after year!

More Drum! Digital Downloads

Last week we reported that the folks over at Drum! magazine have made the Bonham article from their Autumn 2007 issue available for PDF download. Now, Drum! Magazine continues to push the envelope in digital publishing with The site offers recent complete Drum! issues in a slick online book reader format that includes interactive elements like video clips, clickable ads, embedded weblinks (like with artists websites) and more!

Well done, Drum! Well done!!

Drum! Offers Free John Bonham Article Download

If you’re not a subscriber of Traps Magazine, you may have missed the excellent, 25-page article on John Bonham in their Autumn 2007 issue. The article features lots of photos, history, transcriptions, and is ad free!

The swell guys over at Drum! Magazine are now offering the full article as a PDF download. No login or user account required. Thanks Drum!, and please keep this kind of thing coming. It adds a lot to the drumming community!