How It’s Made – Drum Shells

It’s another How It’s Made video! This time they explore drum shells from the Grover percussion factory.


The Gretsch Company Celebrates 125 Years of That Great Gretsch Sound

The Gretsch Company, one of the world’s most well-known drum and guitar manufacturers, will celebrate its 125th anniversary in 2008. Throughout the year, Gretsch will celebrate by introducing new lines of limited edition anniversary drums, guitars, and other Gretsch products; conducting an online search for the world’s best unsigned bands; and hosting a major concert event in New York City featuring an illustrious lineup of “Gretsch Greats.”

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Zildjian Factory Tour Vids

Continuing on the cymbal video love, here are few videos covering Zildjian history and its factory. Most surprising fact: it’s pronounced “AHH-veh-dis,” not “ahh-VEE-dis.” My brain hurts!

Part 1
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How Zildjian Cymbals Are Made

This is an EXCELLENT video of how Zildjian cymbal are made. From the UK program, How It’s Made.