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Steve Smith Interview over at Mike Dolbear

Mike’s done it again with a fabulous and in-depth interview with Steve Smith. The article is complete with pics, and some pretty rare video finds.  Here’s a little taste

How did the Journey gig come around?

The short answer is I was playing in a band that was opening for Journey; they heard what I was playing, liked what I was doing and asked me if I wanted to join the band.

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Mike Dolbear Runs for Charity!

I’m sure you all visit Mike’s site as often as I do considering he’s really one of the founding fathers of drumming sites (along Tiger Bill and our good friends at DrummerCafe.com)!  Mike is taking to the streets and raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust (UK) by running the  Halstead and Essex marathon on May 8, 2011. He’s also enlisted the support of Pink Floyd’s own Nick Mason, and will be giving away an autographed Paiste crash from Nick himself.  Every person who makes a donation will be entered to win the prize.

As of April 14, he’s raised £502, so please consider giving!

You can support Mike over at JustGiving.com.

Here’s a little vid about Mike:

Mike Dolbear Interviews Chad Smith

Our friends across the pond at Mike Dolbear have just posted a cool interview with Red Hot Chili Peppers’ drummer, Chad Smith.  The interview covers his roots, his origins in the RHCP, and moving to California.

What we’re trying to do, is move the whole thing away from ‘what drum sticks do you use?’ type of question. So… what drum sticks do you use?

It’s not working Bob!

Ok, I’ll try again. What got you into drumming?

I started being interested in drums when I was 7, so it would have been the late 60s. I had an older brother who played guitar, he was two years older than me, and seeing as you look up to your older siblings, I wanted to play too. I didn’t have that moment lots of Americans had of ‘ooh, I want to be them’, or ‘ooh I saw Ringo’. So I don’t know why it was the drums themselves, I liked hitting things, normal kids stuff I guess and I just wanted to be able to play along with my brother. So that’s when I started.

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MikeDolbear.com Reader’s Poll Results

I don’t know why it is I gravitate towards these reader’s polls, but I can’t get enough of them – mostly just to disagree with them! You’ll recall that we recently reported on MD’s Reader’s Poll results with the same year-in-year-out winners

Now, Brit drumming site, MikeDolbear.com has released the winners of their readers (visitors) poll with some pretty interesting results. What I like about Mike’s poll is how it incorporates books, DVDs, and gear into the mix. Nicely done.

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