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Mike Portnoy Interviewed for Rockband

Source: Rockband.com

If ever a band was tailor-made for Rock Band, it’s the progressive metal outfit Dream Theater. And if ever a Dream Theater song was made for us, it’s their current single “Constant Motion”-a full seven minutes’ worth of monster riffs and tricky changeups, representing this hyper-proficient band at its most aggressive.

Turns out that Dream Theater’s drummer Mike Portnoy (who wrote “Constant Motion”about his experience with obsessive-compulsive disorder) is a Rock Band player himself, and was looking forward to giving the song a runthrough. The genial Portnoy also talked to us about the band’s formation at Berklee, their evolution over the years, and the current status of Portnoy’s second band Transatlantic (a particular favorite of your interviewer’s). And since the cat’s out of the bag by now, we also talked a bit about the earlier DT classic “Panic Attack,”which will be hittng as an in-game track for Rock Band 2

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Multi-Part Interview with Mike Portnoy

Living Legends Music has posted a cool 8 part interview with Dream Theater drummer, Mike Portnoy, on their YouTube channel.  The interviews discuss the beginnings of Dream Theater, to the creative process, to artistic fulfillment.

Here’s Part 1.  For more, check out their channel.


Drummer Talk 05/16/2008 – It’s All In Your Heads

We have a great show this week as we talk all about drum heads!  Also, the 15-stroke roll is the rudiment of the week, Mike has news, we talk about the state of the music industry, and Mike Portnoy is the Drummer of the Week!  Show Notes


DVD review – Mike Portnoy’s In Constant Motion


Mike Portnoy has once again submitted to his urge to chronicle all he does, and thus “In Constant Motion” was born! Not unlike “Liquid Drum Theater” Mike is the host but his music is the star once again. More so then last time in my opinion. In the time between the two videos, Mike has done a lot of different stuff. With DT (Dream Theater) and many other various side projects including: Transatlantic, OSI, Neal Moorse, & four different tribute bands. In Constant Motion goes through the highlights of what he’s accomplished in that time and he gives insight into his place of all the different bodies of work he’s been a part of. This is a three disk set with the first two disks being one half of the main feature, while the third disk is nothing but bonus features. The box it comes in is a unfolding sort of mechanism that hold all three disks and has a slot for the poster that is included in the package. It can be a bit difficult to put the case inside of its cover again but it’s not that big of a deal. Read more


DVD review – Mike Portnoy’s Liquid Drum Theater


Mike Portnoy is the host of this DVD but his music is the star. Liquid Drum Theater is all about Mike giving you some insight into what he was thinking and doing when he was playing with Liquid Tension Experiment and Dream Theater. Not unlike what Billy Ward did in “Voices In My Head” with his album “Out the Door” except in this case it is the full focus of the dvd.

The first disk focuses on the music of Liquid Tension Experiment, Mike’s Instrumental prog-fusion group. Mike goes through some of the songs on Liquid Tension Experiment 1 & 2 and breaks down some of the more interesting stuff he did on the two albums. Some of the tracks he covers include: Paradigm Shift, Biaxident, Acid Rain, When the Water Breaks, and others. Read more

Drummer Talk 04/20/2007 – The Truth About Shells

We uncover the truth about shells on today’s show! Also, we hear more drumming news from the future. Drummer of the week is Mike Portnoy (happy 40th birthday, baby!) Show Notes