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Chris Adler and Jason Bittner: Live at Modern Drummer Festival 2005

It has been a while but I’m back from my vacation and I’m brining the reviews son! If you own the DVD set for the 2005 Modern Drummer Festival then don’t bother with this one because you already own it. This DVD is merely the two clinics that these two drummers gave during the modern drummer festival so it’s kind of like a HMMS (Hudson Music Master Series) double feature. There’s not much else to say about it beyond that so let’s just get into it. Read more


Billy Ward Offers Special Downloads

Jazz and studio great Billy Ward (Friend of the Podcast) has gifted us with some excellent tapes of his band rehearsing for this past Modern Drummer Festival as well as some videos of the band playing a gig in New York’s The Cutting Room prior to the MD Fest. Pretty great stuff. He’s also made charts of the songs available. Very cool.

Looks like Billy’s set up a “Pay For It What You Will” system a la Radiohead.They’re available for free but you can pay for them if you want. Billy’s a great guy. Go ahead and support him. Links to the downloads as well as Billy’s thoughts from his site are available after the jump.

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