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Vote in Modern Drummers’s Greatest Drummers of All Time Poll

Vote in Modern Drummers’s Greatest Drummers of All Time Poll

Modern Drummer is gathering the list of the 50 greatest drummers of all time and they want your $.02! They’re letting you vote for your personal top 10 drummer choices. The top 50 names will make up the list.

Ahhh.. democracy. You can bet we’ll cover the list when it’s released early next year.

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Modern Drummer Product Close-Up: Dixon Artisan Select Drumset

Modern Drummer Product Close-Up: Dixon Artisan Select Drumset

From Modern Drummer

Imagine the day finally comes when you get to purchase your dream drumset. You’ve been researching the characteristics of different species of wood, you’ve thought of the coolest color, and you have the exact sizes figured out. As you place the specs for your ideal set in front of your local drum dealer, the last thing you want to be told is that he or she has no idea how to make it all possible. This is exactly the type of situation that Dixon hopes to resolve with its Artisan series.

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Modern Drummer’s 25 Timeless Drum Books

Modern Drummer’s 25 Timeless Drum Books

From Modern Drummer:

What makes a great drum book? There’s no single answer, as different books have been written to address a wide variety of styles and techniques. But judging by a recent poll in which Modern Drummer readers were asked to name their favorite volumes, a few characteristics stand out.

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Modern Drummer’s Playing With a Band, Part 1

Drummer Talk

Modern Drummer’s Playing With a Band, Part 1

Part 1: Communication and Form

It’s important to make regular eye contact with the other musicians when playing in an ensemble. In particular, focus on the bass player and keyboardist, as they-along with you-comprise the rhythm section. Your center of time and overall feel will be enhanced when you lock-in with them.

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Drummer Talk 03/04/2011 – Concert Percussion Tips (#156)

Drummer Talk 03/04/2011 – Concert Percussion Tips (#156)

We talk about tips for Concert percussion on today’s show.  In news, we discuss Chris Adler’s clinic takes, Ringoâ„¢’s upcoming UK tour, MD festival lineup, Is Dream Theater done?, Travis Barker news, and Zac Hansen has a baby girl!  Show Notes

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Drummer Talk 06/10/2009 – The Drummer’s Toybox II, Spare Parts

In part II of the Drummer’s Toybox covers what every drummer should have in a box for parts and repairs.  The MD Reader’s Poll is out, the Dr. Rion is the Hybrid Rudiment of the Week, and Carter brings the news! 


Tomas Haake Injured Again, Band Cancels Shows

Sign Meshuggah drummer Tomas Haake for a pro sports contract. He can’t stay healthy! The Swedish band announced this month that they are cancelling several Scandinavian shows due Haake’s unhealthy back and right leg. Haake was forced to sit out part of Meshuggah’s tour last year due to shoulder problems. At this point, one wonders why this keeps happening. Suppose it’s due to poor posture or technique? It is possible. Perhaps he’s just chronically injured. At any rate, Meshuggah should at least be discussing what to do about this recent development as it relates to the band’s future. Cancelling shows or finding a replacement drummer once a year doesn’t seem like viable option for a successful band like Meshuggah.


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Modern Drummer – Off The Record

Source: Harmony Central


For drummers who are serious about becoming better players, the first steps are to study the masters and learn to “play for the music.” Off The Record, by Ed Breckenfeld (Modern Drummer Publications), is an exciting new book and DVD-ROM multi-media package designed to help drummers do both. The collection of lessons from one of Modern Drummer’s most popular columns showcases more than 500 drum tracks by the world’s most important, influential, and inspiring drum artists – defining just what great drumming is all about.

The innovative educational bundle is recommended as a supplement to lessons and self-study for drummers of all levels. It includes a 120-page book with note-perfect transcriptions of isolated drum patterns with in-depth analysis of how they were created to fit the style, context, and structure of the song. It also includes a bonus DVD-ROM that contains nearly 180 MP3 tracks recorded using advanced software and techniques to emulate the sound, feel, dynamics, groove, and intensity of the original drum parts.

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