NAMM COVERAGE: Pearl Releases Innovative Djembass System

The good folks at Pearl have released another innovative piece of gear. I’ve seen guys use auxiliary percussion in a kit setting before. Former cast member Ian “The Whipping Boy” McClellan used a djembe as a snare with congas as his toms once. But this is taking it to another level. Doesn’t look like the popcorn snare comes with it, but if you put all this together, you would definitely have a hip setup.

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NAMM COVERAGE: Pearl Releases Demon Drive Pedal

With Winter NAMM 2009 (National Association of Music Merchants) happening this month in Anaheim, CA, we can expect drum and cymbal companies releasing loads of new products. Pearl got into the game with their release of the new Demon Drive Pedal. Check out the video on Pearl’s website. Almost has me convinced to drop the cash on it.

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Pearl Redlines (Flatlines?)

Pearl has just released the new limited edition Redline Reference Series kits complete with red trim around the lug gaskets.

According to Harmony Central

For the redline drumsets, the rubber gaskets used to isolate the shells from the drum hardware have been infused with red dye to create a striking splash of color. Only 50 of each color set are available.

The retail on the snares alone is $1059.00. Yes, that’s a grand for a just a SNARE DRUM. Personally, I don’t think it looks all that hot, and the red gaskets certainly do not justify such a crazy price. For gaskets!

Drummer Talk 03/02/2007 – Kick Pedals!

It’s all about the feet today as we talk about kick pedals. From the Iron Cobra to the DW 9000, we cover it all .. well, most of it.