Gear review – Sonor Giant Step Middle Pedal


Gear review – Sonor Giant Step Middle Pedal

Alright then, this is the Sonor Giant Step Middle Pedal… which is a really long name to type out so I’m gonna abbreviate it as GSMP. This was the last pedal I used before I sold my drum-set for reasons I shall not disclose. The Giant Step series is Sonor’s high end line of pedals and all share some basic features. Most of which I appreciate, one of which I wish they would have made optional or removed altogether. One of the things I really do like is the docking station. The docking station is a small clamp that you put on your bass drum hoop where you would normally clamp the pedal. Once you’ve got it on the way you like it you just leave it on. From there all you have to do is slip the male locking mechanism on your giant step into the docking station and pull the lever on the bass plate of your pedal. Bam! your pedal is attached. It really makes setting up and switching pedals a breeze… as long as you use another GS (giant step) pedal.

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