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All About Jazz – Three Views of Peter Erskine

The folks over at All About Jazz have posted up a good mix of three Erskine clips.

Source: All About Jazz

The first clip shows Erskine playing a more-or-less free form drum solo. It was recorded in 2004 at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC). The second video, down below, features the drummer in a trio with guitarist John Abercrombie and bassist Marc Johnson, recorded at NYC’s Village Vanguard. Lastly, the third clip provides a glimpse of Erskine the teacher, as he demonstrates a New Orleans-style groove and solo.


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Drummer Talk 01/09/2009 – Getting the Jazz Feel

We return from our winter hibernation with a show about learning the jazz feel.  Also, Carter returns with Peter Erskine as drummer of the week, Mike brings the news of Mapex’s blitzkrieg of snare drums, and Dave covers the Grandma as the (hybrid) rudiment of the week.  Oh, and Dave boasts about his San Diego Super Chargers! 

Collection of solos from PASIC 2007

You’ve heard us talk endlessly about PASIC. Well, here is a Vic Firth video of several different solos from PASIC 2007 in Columbus, OH. Features Omar Hakim, Dave Weckl, Ndugu Chancler, Alex Acuña, and Peter Erskine.


The Return of the Peter Erskine Freestanding Stickbag!

When Peter Erskine left his long-standing relationship with Yamaha last year for DW Drums, one question that immediately came up was what was the fate of his amazing signature Freestanding Stickbag. I had heard the Yamaha was due to release the stick bag minus Erskine’s autograph, but lo’ and behold it looks as if DW Drums will be releasing the stick bag – this time with a STAND!

This is great news indeed. I own two of the Yamaha bags and love them! It’ll be interesting to see this thing in person and see how the stand works. One improvement I can see from the pic is the rails on the top of the table bit because I am forever having sticks and mallets roll off the top.

P.S. I guess we know now who owned the patent on this sucker.

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