Pupils & Pros

I’ve reviewed all three current editions of the HMMS and doing so has made me realize something. Letting the audience drive the clinic can be a really bad idea.

It would seem that people are prone to ask certain question of clinicians just for the novelty of it being explained live. Jojo Mayer still gets questions about hand technique even though he has an entire DVD dedicated to the subject. Steve Gadd still gets questions about that groove that he did with that guy’s band even though there are transcriptions and videos of what he played all over the internet. And Bernard Purdie will still get asked about the Purdie Shuffle no matter how well documented it is. Read more

Drummer Talk 03/08/2006 – Dave’s Soapbox

I get on my soapbox, today and answer some hate mail, talk about musicians hating on each other, drummers showing off at their local GC, and building relationships (relationships). We’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming next week. 🙂