What makes a great session drummer?

What makes a great session drummer?


What are the main characteristics a session drummer needs?
“Someone who has great time and great feel. Also, someone who understands many different styles. I think it’s important for a drummer to have a good grasp of history and understand the lineage of drumming.”

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Mute Math Video Log – Drums

Darren King drumming in the Mute Math studio house.  Check out the two sticks in one hand on the hats.


Brain talks new GnR Record


The long awaited Guns ‘n Roses album has taken 15 years to be released. It will finally see the light of day in November.  Drummer Brain has revealed to EQTV how more than $300,000 was spent over a 7 month period on redoing the drum bits note for note after Josh Freese left the band and how he now has the record for the duration that a single drum kit had been set-up in a studio.

“I think I have the record for how long drums were set-up in a studio and I think it was five years that my drums were set-up at the Village Recorders in Los Angeles,”Brain said. “It was five years and it went through three different producers. It went through Sean Beaven, Roy Thomas Baker and then I guess Axl is the producer now. Five years my drums were set-up.

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Studio work is like film acting

Man, I really enjoy studio work. I’ve been in the studio these past couple of weekends doing various tracks for various projects that range from jazzy to hip-hop. It’s completely fun and frustrating at the same time because, well, digital bits don’t lie and they often reveal your weaknesses for all to plainly hear. This past Saturday when I shifted from recording a funk groove on one tune to recording a fusion-esque rock groove on another I had a real revalation – working in the studio is very much like film acting. Yes acting as in “quiet on the set,” “cut,” and “that’s a wrap!” I realized as I changed mental gears that I had to totally wipe my slate clean and dive into a new, unrelated feel and groove, and commit 100% to something entirely different from where I just was playing. Allow me to elaborate … Read more