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Drummer Talk 04/27/2011 – Unlocking Latham (#161)

Drummer Talk

Drummer Talk 04/27/2011 – Unlocking Latham (#161)

We’re back from Easter Break with a show on unlocking the golden nuggets buried within Rick Latham’s Advanced Funk Studies Book.  Show notes after the break!

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Drummer Talk 04/15/2010 – Drumset Literature (#140)

Taking a page from last week’s show on drumset solos, we talk about drumset solo literature today! Rick Latham is the drummer of the week, Carter brings us a bit of news including the upcoming Rush tour, and we answer a question about practice pads.


DVD Review – Advanced Funk Studies

     I should note that for this review that I have neither Advanced Funk Studies nor the Contemporary Drum-Set Techniques books themselves but given the information in this DVD I will soon. Rick Latham wrote those two books over twenty-five years ago and they’ve become favorites of the drumming community over that time. At some point along the way Rick decided to supplement the books with a video for each book respectively. Fast forward to today, for the 25th anniversary of  Advanced Funk Studies Rick rereleased both of the DVDs together in a single disk with a bunch of extras and it made its way to my house via Netflix… and that’s the story so far.
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Drummer Talk 02/16/2007 – Funk Drumming/Rick Latham Interview

I rambled on about funk drumming today as well as rolled a recent interview with Rick Latham! Show Notes