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New Rock Band Featuring Beatles To Be Released

Finally! A Rock Band game worth mentioning! The Beatles music will be featured on The Beatles: Rock Band, to be released this fall! To me it seems as if putting their music on Rock Band would be beneath the Fab Four (or whomever holds their copyrights now). Apparently I am wrong! One wonders what Ringo could have to say about this…


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Guitar Hero to get Drums

To compete with Rock Band, it looks like Activision is adding drums and vocals to its lineup with Guitar Hero: World Tour. Personally, I think this is a horrible idea! Why doesn’t GH stick to what they do best – GUITAR!

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“Guitar Hero: World Tour”adds drums and vocals to the mix. Previously, the “Guitar Hero”series had only centered on the instrument in its title. Feature for feature, it matches almost everything the “Rock Band”experience provides – and them some.

Activision’s peripherals are once again courtesy of Red Octane. “Guitar Hero”’s drums are slightly more complicated than “Rock Band”’s. There are only three drum pads, compared to “Rock Band”’s four, but with the addition of two cymbals. Both sets feature a kick pedal.

The most significant new addition, however, is the implementation of user generated content in the game’s “Music Studio”mode. Shareable online via a new service called GHTunes, the press release states Music Studio includes “a full compliment of tools to create digital music from scratch, utilizing all of the instruments.

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