Monster Electronic Drumkit #monsterkitmonday

Drummer Talk

Monster Electronic Drumkit #monsterkitmonday

Every Monday we bring you a pic of a colossal or unique drum kit from around the Internet!

If you’re Roland, what do you do when you put a monster player like Thomas Lang on your artist roster? Give him a monster V-Drum kit!


Drummer Talk

Roland V-Drums World Championship 2

Roland’s yearly V-Drums contest gives drummers a premier opportunity to explore their musical passion, flexibility and the creative options of electronic percussion instruments like the Roland TD-30KV, TD-15KV and TD-11KV drum kits and the OCTAPAD SPD-30. Nearly 5,000 participants competed worldwide during the preliminaries last year — all tasked with showcasing their own playing skills while also exploring the technical capabilities of Roland V-Drums.

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Roland Visits Memphis Drum Shop

Got a cool heads up from Jim Pettit, owner of Memphis Drum Shop (aka The Best Drum Shop on the Face of the Planet) today. For all those in the Memphis area tomorrow the good folks from Roland USA will be in store for free one-on-one lessons and small group lessons on any Roland product. Basically, if you’ve got a piece of Roland equipment that maybe you don’t know how to get the most out of it or have a question, come on down and they’ll help you in person with the gear. Gotta love Memphis Drum Shop. They always go that extra mile for their customers.


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Roland Starts Shipping TD-4S V-Kit

As we’ve discussed at length on the show, electronic drums will never (say it with me) never replace acoustic drums in terms of feel and overall sound. That said, Roland’s new TD-4S V-Kit is really nice. I’m usually not a fan of rubber pads on electronic kits, but this one looks pretty good. Simpler, more streamlined stands, easier cable-wrangling. I’m sold. Check out the demo video Johnny Rabb (Friend of The Show) did at this past Winter NAMM in Anaheim. Roland’s started shipping these monsters. MSRP looks to be in $1,200 range.


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Roland Releases Marching V-Drum

Maybe this has been around for a while, but I just saw this over at Roland!  It’s a slick electronic marching drum that comes with tons of sounds and features.

The new RMP-12 is the world’s first electronic marching-percussion instrument to incorporate Roland’s patented and unique muti-layer mesh head technology with a built-in sound module and Rhythm Coach. With its advanced V-Drums technology and wide variety of sounds, the RMP-12 offers enhanced playability, expressiveness, and versatility. It’s perfect for indoor and outdoor performance as well as for quiet practice. Unlike other practice pads, the RMP-12 offers an amazing replication of acoustic drums thanks to its realistic sounds and feel.

Their site has some amazing videos that feature non other than Johnny Rabb!  You really owe it to yourself to see it in action.