Drummer Talk 02/29/2008 – Odd Time Playing

Dave is out of town this week so Carter “Son of Whipping Boy” Baldwin is running the show! Today we’re talking about odd time signatures. Drummer of the week is Vinnie Coluaita, Rudiment of the Week is the 6-stroke roll, plus we’ve got Mike with drumming news, and Ask Dave (Carter).

Drummer Talk 07/27/2007 – Practice Tools

Today’s show is jam packed with a brand new rudiment of the week, tips on hearing protection and talk about practice tools. Paul Motian is the Drummer of the Week! Show Notes

Drummer Talk 07/08/2007 – All About Setups

We cover drum kit setups on todays show – from Baby Dodds to Bozzio! Plus the return of Rudiment of the Week and the MMMBop MMMoment! Show Notes

Drummer Talk 04/19/2006 – "Ask Dave" Answered

We dig through backlogged “Ask Dave” posts from the boards and answer questions ranging from the clave explained to drum software. Plus, this week’s Rudiment of the Week is the 5-stroke roll.

Drummer Talk 04/12/2006 – Drums in Musical Theater

This week we discuss the role of the percussionist in musical theater, and also we cover the double stroke roll as the Rudiment of the Week!

Drummer Talk 02/13/2006 – All About Grips

Tonight, Dave and the gang get together and discuss the various types of grips as well as single stroke roll rudiments. Also, we have our first MMMBop MMMoment.  Show Notes