DRUM! – Sabian XS20 Cymbals Reviewed!

DRUM! – Sabian XS20 Cymbals Reviewed!

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If you’re a drummer that bashes away in a rehearsal room with your bandmates four nights a week, you may not want to incur the almost inevitable expense and disappointment that can come from cracking your super-expensive crashes. Hence, these semi-professional crashes provide an excellent opportunity to save those expensive models for the good gigs – not the rehearsal room.

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Sabian Founder, Robert Zildjian, Dies at at 89

Sad to hear the news of the passing of Sabian founder, Rober (Bob) Zildjian.  Sabian has posted an amazing article on his life and accomplishments over at

“He makes the artists feel they’re really a part of the family, and that’s what Bob Zildjian instilled in every one of us at SABIAN”, comments Master Product Specialist Mark Love, who has been with the company since 1980. Indeed, to say that family was important to Bob would be an understatement. “This is a family business,”he would insist. “And if you have a family business, you can’t help having the people that work with you become part of the family too.”

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Sabian Annoucnes Most-Warped Drummer Contest


SABIAN, the award winning cymbal company, is sponsoring “The Most Warped Drummer”contest, an online competition at The contest gives aspiring musicians the chance to upload a performance video to be voted on by fans, for a chance to win a grand prize trip and all-access pass to the Boston Warped Tour stop on July 13, 2010, as well as a collection of SABIAN gear.

Musicians are invited to visit the site and upload a video, up to three minutes long, of themselves playing drums in one of five categories; “Drum Solo,”“With Music,”“Rock/Alternative,”“Jazz/Fusion,”and “Latin-Inspired.”Between April 21 and June 14, the public will be able to vote for their favorite drummers. The 10 videos with the most viewer votes will win cool prizes, and move on to the semi-final round of the competition. Top SABIAN artists on the Warped Tour will then judge the videos, and determine the grand prize winner.

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Drummer Talk 09/10/2009 – The History of Zildjian and Sabian

We uncover the tangled history between the world’s two largest cymbal makers: Zildjian and Sabian, complete with an interview with Andy Ziljdian! The double stroke roll is the rudiment of the week, Manu Katché is the drummer of the week, and we talk about Roland’s new gear in the news. Oh, and Carter is ENGAGED!!

Sabian Adds Symphonic Crashes to Vault

Looks like Sabian is expanding their Vault series to include symphonic cymbals. These would be a nice addition to Sabian’s line up. I like that Sabian is finding more ways to challenge Zildjian. There should be some kind of competition… perhaps a bowl of some kind to see which cymbal company is the dominant brand.


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Zildjian Adds Three New Artist Sticks

In their never-ceasing effort to build up their drumstick line, Zildjian has announced three new artist series sticks: Ronald Bruner Jr (Stanley Clarke), John Blackwell (Justin Timberlake), and Ronnie Vannucci (The Killers). These three names will undoubtably boost Zildjian’s street cred for their sticks, not that they needed it. What I think it interesting is the fact that Bruner, who endorses Sabian, uses Zildjian drumsticks. Just seems like an interesting wrinkle in the situation. I wonder if he’ll switch cymbal companies sometime soon…


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Sabian Buries 100 Cymbals in Hopes the “Legend” is True

Interesting story from the good folks at Sabian Cymbals. I’ve always heard of guys burying ride cymbals for six months in their backyards for the purposes of drying them out. My first teacher did it. His Zildjian K Custom Medium Ride is a dry as they come. Sounds great! Looks like Sabian is trying their hand at it with their “One of 100” project. Feels a touch gimmicky to me, but I’d be interested in hearing what they sound like.


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Tony Royster, Jr. Moves to Sabian


It’s been a busy few months for endorsements as John Blackwell and Chris Layton moved to Zildjian. It looks like Sabian has just secured drumming prodigy, Tony Royster, Jr.

“HHX cymbals are my sound,” commented Royster. “I love the smooth responses of the Evolutions, the hot tone of the Xtreme and Legacy crashes, and the multi-hole design and wicked sound of the O-Zone, which is the real kicker! With SABIAN I’ve found a great range of sounds that cover everything from hip-hop and heavy metal to jazz and fusion. I didn’t know it before, but I know it now; SABIAN has it all.”

Added Christian Stankee, SABIAN artist relations manager (USA): “Tony Royster Jr. is one of the hottest young drummers on the planet. Not only can he play, he can groove, which is why he’s so popular at drumming events and, even at his young age, he’s playing serious gigs such as Jay Z. Tony is a great modern drummer and a perfect player for SABIAN.”

Who can forget Tony’s 12 yr-old video clip?


Sabian Releases 13-inch Fierce Hats

Source: Harmony Central

SABIAN has expanded its Vault collection with the introduction of 13-inch Vault Fierce Hats. Inspired by renowned drummer Jojo Mayer, the Fierce Hats feature a raw, unlathed surface and jumbo hammer marks that combine to deliver an aggressive low-end clarity and punchy, semi-dry response that projects in any music. It is this unique response that has made the Fierce concept a favorite among drummers of all styles, said Mark Love, SABIAN master product specialist.

“The hats’ attack is very aggressive with a low bite, which means they are punchy and cutting, yet not metallic sounding. This is more about music than metal,” Love said. “Sticking is always precise, and the pedal ‘chick’ is strong and articulate. Jojo’s Fierce Ride and Crash created such a positive stir, and with so many people commenting about the cymbals on his ‘Weapons for the Modern Drummer’ DVD, introducing the Fierce Hats was a natural progression.”

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Sabian Family Feud

A cymbal family feud goes to court! Big Drum Thump is reporting on a Daily Gleaner article that talks about a Sabian (Zildjian family) lawsuit.

In his notice of action, Bill, Robert’s [Zildjian] eldest son, alleges his father is misusing company funds for personal expenses and that his brother Andy is actively undermining his position and influence on the business.

“Bill has justifiably lost the trust and confidence in his father Robert and his brother Andy on which their business relationship has been premised,” court documents state. “Bill has no way to exit on fair terms from this situation without the assistance of the Court. Some form of corporate divorce is the only practical solution.” Read more

John Blackwell and Chris Layton Now with Big Z

I’m not sure how this shook down, but according to, both John Blackwell and Chris Layton have left Sabian and are now endorsing Zildjian cymbals.

Commented Chris Layton: “I’m very excited to be playing Zildjian Cymbals. After trying some of the Armand Series cymbals Mitch Mitchell was using last year on the Experience Hendrix Tour, I found myself searching for the sound I started out with, which led me to Zildjian.”

John Blackwell commented, “I’ve always loved Zildjians – my dad always played A Zildjians, so I grew up playing them. After hearing the crispness of the Hybrids and other lines like K Constantinople and the Armand Series, I was hooked. And the people at Zildjian are like family.”

I’d guess the Sabian folks are none too happy, and I wonder if they have to give all those Sabian cymbals back?

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