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Simon Phillips 101

Ben Andrews

Simon Phillips 101

Drumming star Simon Phillips talks about his childhood, early career, and reflects on the best times for music.    Read more

Drummer Talk 11/05/2009 – What Makes a Good Drum Kit?

Today, we examine what makes a drum kit a good kit, and we discuss the differences between top of the line gear.  Simon Phillips is the drummer of the week, and we have news including Thomas Pridgen’s departure from The Mars Volta!!


DVD Review – Simon Philips: Complete

Simon Philips: Complete is another case of two older videos being merged and resold as a single DVD. Its two individual parts being Simon Philips and Simon Philips Returns.

The thing about this DVD is that it doesn’t really reveal to you what you are getting into when you buy/rent it. Certainly there’s no hint as to the nature of the content in the title of the DVD. So I’m going to tell you what you’re getting into. Mostly you’re getting performance and breakdown of music Simon Phillips wrote, along with a couple of solos and some sections on general drumming topics. Some of the general drumming topics include double bass drumming and double bass tuning, timekeeping, coordination, snare drum tuning, and snare drum playing.

The advice he gives is pretty good in many of the areas he talks about and not so good in some of the others. Usually when the advice isn’t satisfactory it’s because he didn’t go in-depth enough as opposed to the advise just being bad. Also, as with most older DVDs, lots of the ideas and advice he give have been done again but better in newer DVDs. You can tell this stuff was big news back in the old days but today much of it has been improved on. I’m searching and failing to say something else about this DVD which means it’s time for the break down. Read more

MD 2008 Festival Lineup Finalized


We’ve been following this for a while, but here is the final, official roster of artists for MD’s festival weekend to be held September 20 and 21 in NYC.

Will Calhoun
Living Colour
In 1988, Living Colour’s Will Calhoun exploded onto the world stage with a unique mix of power and finesse. Will’s continued to evolve in startling ways, and today he’s considered one of the most profound drummers alive.

Bill Stewart & Special Musical Guests
John Scofield/Pat Metheny

For two decades, Bill Stewart has been a wildly imaginative go-to drummer for today’s most successful jazz artists. And he’s a daring leader in his own right.

Billy Ward & His Trio

Joan Osborne/Robbie Robertson/Bill Champlin
Billy Ward is a world-renowned drummer of relentless creativity and purpose. He’s also one of the freshest, most incisive drumming scholars around.

Thomas Pridgen
The Mars Volta
Thomas Pridgen’s been winning drum-offs, endorsements, and scholarships since the second grade. And now he’s in the coolest, most advanced rock band of the age. Read more