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How To Make Mahogany Stave Drums

From DT listener, Brian Gryder!

This is a video of a man hand-making a beautiful set of mahogany stave drums with simple inexpensive tool. You really get a sense of the love of drums that this guy has as the seasons change in the background. it inspired me to make my 28×24 kick drum.:)

Drummer Talk 05/13/2011 – Snare Drum Makeover (#162)

Drummer Talk

Drummer Talk 05/13/2011 – Snare Drum Makeover (#162)

It’s the season finale of Drummer Talk Season 6, and on this week’s show, Dave’s gives a very in-depth look at a complete snare drum makeover – from batter head, to reso head, to snare strands, to strand cords.

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Blast Drum Battle

Guys from Blast duke it out … plus blacklights!!