Drummer Talk 04/15/2010 – Drumset Literature (#140)

Taking a page from last week’s show on drumset solos, we talk about drumset solo literature today! Rick Latham is the drummer of the week, Carter brings us a bit of news including the upcoming Rush tour, and we answer a question about practice pads.

5th Annual Drummer Cafe Community Drum Solo

The 5th Annual Drummer Cafe Community Drum Solo video has been uploaded to There are some familiar faces from last year and a wide interpretation of this year’s loop. There’s even one guy doing a Dave Grohl and playing on a toy set! I’m still frustrated that I wasn’t able to make time to contribute a video this year but hey, hopefully next year! Click the picture to see the video.

Drummer Talk 05/20/2009 – Carter Flies Solo

Carter flies solo this week as Dave is MIA! Plenty of news including and upcoming Zoro clinic and a famous drummer auditions for the Smashing Pumpkins. Larry Mullen Jr. is the drummer of the week and Carter teaches some music theory basics! Plus… an NFL diatribe.  Originally recorded April 29. 2009.


5th Annual Community Drum Solo

Our good friends at have fired up a yearly tradition again. For the fifth straight year, site founder Bart Elliott is organizing a community drum solo. I’ll let Bart explain the details on the site. I think this is a great idea. I know I’ll personally be submitting a video. If you have the capabilities and are a member, go ahead and join the solo! Click the picture to see all the rules and how to get involved.