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Steve Gadd Band Releasing New Album

Steve Gadd Band Releasing New Album

Steve Gadd and the crew are at it again! Entitled “70 Strong,” the Steve Gadd Band is releasing a new album in conjunction with Gadd’s 70th birthday this coming April. “70 Strong” is the band’s sophomore album, second to their debut album “Gadditude.”

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DownBeat Magazine on Steve Gadd’s new album, Gadditude

DownBeat Magazine on Steve Gadd’s new album, Gadditude

You owe it to yourself to check out Steve Gadd’s latest album, Gadditude. And if the Gadd pun isn’t enough to get you to listen (alá the “Mission from Gadd” tour), the maybe Downbeat Magazine‘s review will get your ears to perk up.

Gadditude, released on Sept. 3, might take some longtime fans by surprise. With his groups the Gadd Gang and Stuff, the emphasis was frequently on the funk pocket.

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DTU Groove Theory – “50 Ways”

Steve Gadd Slide

Today we cover one of the pillars of drum grooves, and one of my personal favorites – “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” from Paul Simon’s album, Still Crazy After All These Years.  You can’t throw a rock into a room full of drummers and not hit one who has not at least heard of this groove.   Not only is the “50 Ways” groove smooth, and laid back, but it’s deceptively simple.  Mr. Gadd makes it looks so easy, and while it’s not the most challenging groove, mechanically, the challenge is all in making it sound great.

Note: the backing track used in this video was used for educational purposes only.

We’ve provided the transcription of the groove as well as a practice track to play along with.  Note that the practice track isn’t exactly the music from the Paul Simon original (we don’t have the coin to distribute that!), but it’s certainly close enough to groove along to!

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DVD Review – Steve Gadd: In Session

DVD Review – Steve Gadd: In Session

Steve Gadd: In Session should win some kind of prize for honesty and plainspokenness in the category of drum instructional videos over thirty years in age, because that’s all you get with In Session. Steve Gadd giving session advice from in session interviews and just straight up doing session work. That’s it. That’s not a bad thing, but if you were expecting something that isn’t “Steve Gadd giving session advice from in session interviews and just straight up doing session work” then you’re looking in the wrong place. And yes, I did just quote myself and use italics unnecessarily. Read more

TRAPS Magazine Hangs It Up

Sadly, the good people at TRAPS Magazine have decided to cease production of the magazine. The parent publication, DRUM!, will continue, but it looks like the TRAPS experiment can’t weather a tough economy. This is a shame. TRAPS was a fine publication that really set the bar for in-depth drumming/music journalism. We’ve given TRAPS the love on the show before and we will miss them.


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Drummer Talk Archives – Pearl Reference Drums/Steve Gadd Clinic

This show originally was originally posted August 25, 2005.  What’s hysterical is how from the very beginning I was trying to get these guys to lean closer to the mics.  Anyway, it’s cool to see how much the show has changed, but also how much it’s remained completely the same …


Our first studio show of Dave Kropf’s Drummer Talk. Features Dave, Shane Flynn, Wes Melton, Ian McClellan, and DJ Kirk engineering. We talk about Pearl’s Reference Series drums, Steve Gadd’s clinic tour, and getting into the music scene. Plus, beat up Pink Floyd Shirts.

Correction: On today’s show, I said that Chester Thompson played Pearl. This is incorrect, Chester Thompson is a DW endorser. My apologies.

DVD Review – Steve Gadd: Master Series

Steve Gadd is probably the most well respected drummer alive today, so it makes sense that he’d be chosen to star in Hudson Music’s new Master Series DVDs. The new Master Series, um, series… is pretty much just a recording of a drummer doing a clinic, master class, showcase concert, meet n’ greet, panel, Q&A session and whatever other title they may give these types of events. Maybe it was born out of a desire to share these live sessions with the public who couldn’t be there in person. Maybe it was because they couldn’t schedule these artists to come in and shoot a DVD so they just recored a clinic the artist was going to do anyway. Maybe these Master Series DVD’s cost less to produce… we may never know. Regardless of the reason, these things have been a long time coming.

The great thing about this DVD is that you have the best seat in the house, where the action is! If Steve is doing something interesting with his feet, you’re right there with the bass drum cam. When he does brush work, you’re right over the snare drum, catching ever sweep. Just a really pro job from the Hudson Music crew (though by now we’ve come to expect that.) So let’s talk about Steve’s performance. Read more

Steve Gadd’s Crazy Army

Steve Gadd performing one the classic drum solos of all time – “Crazy Army.” This is from his instructional video, Up Close.

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