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DVD review – The Art of Playing with Brushes

Brush CoverHudson Music has put out a dvd called “The Art of Playing with Brushes.” Not to be confused with Clayton Cameron’s “The Living Art of Brushes” or his “Brushworks” products. Incase you are wondering, no, Clayton Cameron doesn’t appear at all in this dvd.

First off this DVD isn’t for beginning brush players and it certainly isn’t brushes’ answer to “Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer.” A brainchild of Steve Smith and Adam Nussbaum, this dvd is an in depth look at the different musical choices that different drummers make in identical musical settings. Adam & Steve (aka; the bald brush brothers) recruited: Joe Morello, Eddie Locke, Charli Persip, Billy Hart, and Ben Riley, to participate in what amounts to a brush clinic with seven teachers. Read more

Drummer Talk 10/13/2005 – Custom Drums From A to Z(ed) (Part I)

This week, part 1 of Drumfola’s 2-part series on building custom drums from A to Z(ed!), plus we talk about about featured drummer, Steve Smith.

Note: Part II can be found here.