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“I wish I’d been nicer to Sting” – Stewart Copeland

“I wish I’d been nicer to Sting” – Stewart Copeland

It’s no secret that there wasn’t much love loss between Sting and Stewart Copeand in regards to The Police. However, in a recent interview, the drummer opens up about his time with the band and the effects rock-stardom had on him and his relationships.

When you go in a short time from hunger and despair to having all you ever dreamed of it takes a moment to remember that despite all kinds of evidence to the contrary, you are just human.

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Drummer Talk 04/08/2011 – Learning to Practice (#159)

Drummer Talk 04/08/2011 – Learning to Practice (#159)

This week, we cover how to effectively practice.  Mike, Kyle, and Andrew bring news of reactions to the new Foo Fighters documentary, Dream Theater’s “new” drummer, Police meets Monty Python, how Steve Adler is recruiting, and the return of the Pearl Reference reference .. kind of.  Show notes after the break!

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Police Meets Monty Python in New Opera


Police drummer Stewart Copeland and Monty Python star Terry Jones are the unlikely pair in a new operatic double bill which opens in London on Friday.

Copeland has set Edgar Allan Poe’s Gothic horror story “The Tell-Tale Heart” to music and Jones provided the libretto for “The Doctor’s Tale,” a story about a successful doctor who is struck from the register just because he is a dog.

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Drummer Talk 04/03/2009 – The Drummer’s Toybox

Today, Dave talks about all the trinkets and knick-knacks every drummer should have in their percussion toybox.  Stewart Copeland is the drummer of the week, and the Flam Five is the rudiment of the week.

3 Heavy Weights Weigh in on GH4 with Drums!

Videos are now beginning to circulate from Guitar Hero’s website which feature Chad Smith, Stewart Copeland, and Travis Barker all weighing in on Guitar Hero’s new drums feature.


Chad Smith is stoked about the idea and loves the thing: “It’s a real as you can get. For a Video game, it’s impressive. If it holds up to me beating on it, it should be pretty good.”

It looks as if Travis Barker does some motion capture for the game. “One of the things I has actually said when I was asked to be involved with this was, ‘will it be an exact interpretation of what that drummer is playing? Can I close my eyes and play a song I wrote the drum part for and socre a perfect score if I’m playing it right?’ And it was, ‘yes.'”

Man .. at first I wasn’t at all into this idea, but now I can see myself getting excited for it. I am cautiously optimistic.

Thanks to Big Drum Thump.

Stewart Copeland Talks the End of The Police … again.


By now you’ve probably heard that the British rock trio the Police are planning to call it quits after a final swing through North America this summer. It’s true. Singer-bassist Sting, guitarist Andy Summers and drummer Stewart Copeland will return to their separate lives when their hugely successful reunion tour winds down in August. The final leg starts at Scotiabank Place on Thursday.

“We will have completed our mission,” said Copeland in a phone interview, “and we feel very strongly that we want to get back to the other aspects of our lives as creative artists, and the Police is not about being creative artists.”

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