New 2008 Products from Vater

Vater has recently released a slem of new sticks and accessories for 2008. My fav is the über death-core-metal-thrash accessory, the Skull Slick Nut – for those who need gore and goth to top every last inch of their setup. I’m so HXC I fart darkness!!

Man, you’d think they could find a cleaner cymbal for the photo. Anyway, I really like Slick Nuts, but be sure you get one that fits your hardware – metric, or US – because thy actually thread onto stands. Read more

Drummer Talk 08/31/2007 – Stanton Moore Interview

We talk with Stanton Moore on today’s show as well as discuss stick selection. The Flamacue is this week’s Rudiment of the Week. Show Notes

Drummer Talk 01/19/2007 – Studio Drumming/Russ Miller Interview

We talk about life as a studio drummer as well as roll out an interview with Russ Miller. Plus Dave rants on the new DW stick line.

Drummer Talk 09/01/2006 – Sticks (not Styx)

This week we talk all about sticks (not Styx the band). Show Notes

Sticks, Sticks, Sticks

I talk to a lot of drummers about sticks. It’s amazing the differences in players and their preferences. Here’s my take.

Ive been a fan of Buddy Rich’s stick way back before Vic Firth even sold them. Ludwig made a model, 15AL (laminated maple) that were identical to the now VF Buddy Rich Sigs. I use the Rich sigs for heavier work. What I like most about these sticks is the fact that due to the long, beadless taper, the majority of the stick’s weight is closer to the fulcrum. This gives a more effortless feel (especially in my traditional hand) with the stick feeling like it’s moving around the fulcrum, not in front of it. So for rock, funk, or louder worship settings, I use the BR sigs. Read more