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Teddy Campbell at 2009 Grammys

For those of you that watched the Grammys Sunday night, chances are good you caught several glimpses of American Idol’s Teddy Campbell rockin the kit for several acts. Not surprising as AI’s music director Ricky Minor was also the music director for the Grammy’s. Below is a great shot of him playing with Buddy Guy, BB King, John Mayer, and Keith Urban during the Bo Diddley tribute. Check out the videos after the jump.


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Vater Releases Gospel Sticks

Looks like gospel drumming is everywhere we turn these days. After a wonderful night at the Teddy Campbell clinic at Memphis Drum Shop Tuesday (review coming on this week’s show), looks like today that Vater has released several models of gospel sticks. Not sure how these sticks are customized for gospel drumming. The finish looks like the same from the Zildjian Travis Barker signatures, which I recall despising. We’ll have to try some out and see. Comment away if you’ve tried out the sticks. Let us know what you think!

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Teddy Campbell at Memphis Drum Shop

Check it out! Teddy Campbell, house drummer for American Idol, is giving a clinic at the Memphis Drum Shop this fall. Come on down Monday, November 3rd at 6pm to check this guy out. Tickets are $15.

We saw him at PASIC in Austin in 2006 and can personally attest that he is a treat in clinic. Phenomenal player. Phenomenal groove. Just awesome.

Memphis Drum Shop Story

Teddy Campbell on American Idol

During the American Idol girl’s show on Feb 20, there were lots of shots of Teddy Campbell doing his thing behind the kit. Check out the array of cymbals, groove wedge, SPD-S, and Click Station. Best of all, he’s reading charts!!

Drummer Talk 11/17/2006 – PASIC 2006 Recap (Part 1)

We begin our PASIC 2006 recap this week. We talk about the road trip down, Gil Sharone, Todd Sucherman, Thomas Lang, and Teddy Campbell (plus Dave’s MiniDisc woes.)

This is Part 1 of who know how many?