Terry Bozzio

On the road with Terry Bozzio and the world’s largest tuned drum kit

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On the road with Terry Bozzio and the world’s largest tuned drum kit

What is is like to travel the globe with the world’s largest tuned drum kit? Terry Bozzio sat down with Rolling Stone Magazine and dished on the ups and downs of working with his massive creation.

For example, did you know he has multiple kits on multiple continents? Did you know he sets up up himself with only the help of his one drum tech? Did you know that he pulls his kit around on a trailer behind an SUV?

Read the Rolling Stone interview here.


DVD Review – Terry Bozzio: Solo Drums

     There was a time in Terry Bozzio’s history where he wasn’t the king of huge drumsets… he was king of big hair. This video is a record of how he approached his drum solos at that time. His solos back then are very similar to his solos these days but he used a much smaller kit back then, only five toms a snare and two bass drums… tiny. His solos are long orchestral inspired pieces that I just don’t particularly care for. Read more


TRAPS Magazine Hangs It Up

Sadly, the good people at TRAPS Magazine have decided to cease production of the magazine. The parent publication, DRUM!, will continue, but it looks like the TRAPS experiment can’t weather a tough economy. This is a shame. TRAPS was a fine publication that really set the bar for in-depth drumming/music journalism. We’ve given TRAPS the love on the show before and we will miss them.


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