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Monster Electronic Drumkit #monsterkitmonday

Monster Electronic Drumkit #monsterkitmonday

Every Monday we bring you a pic of a colossal or unique drum kit from around the Internet!

If you’re Roland, what do you do when you put a monster player like Thomas Lang on your artist roster? Give him a monster V-Drum kit!


Drum Fantasy Camp Returns

The Drum Fantasy Camp returns to Cleveland this August 8-12.  Packages start at $1199 and go up to $1759 (with hotel).

The 2013 Drum Fantasy Camp will once again bring together drummers of all ages, styles, and playing levels, to attend concerts and small group learning sessions with the world’s greatest drummers.

So far, Thomas Lang, Steve Smith, and Dave Weckl are on board.

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Thomas Lang’s Big Drum Bonanza

Thomas Lang’s Big Drum Bonanza

The “BIG DRUM BONANZA”is an annual drum camp hosted by world-class drummer Thomas Lang. The intensive, 5-day, hands-on drum camp features world famous guest teachers and gives students the chance to enjoy small group and private lessons from some of the world’s best drummers.

Packages start at $1500.

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Thomas Lang and Benny Greb give 5 pro drumming tips

Thomas Lang and Benny Greb give 5 pro drumming tips

Music Radar chatted with Thomas Lang and Benny Greb to ask them their tips for pro drumming!

To set the drums up for the viewer so it looks cool from the front rather than for yourself. I know a lot of young drummers make that mistake. Number two would be to set the drums up so that the bass drum is facing the audience straight on, rather than being off to the right if you are a right-handed drummer, because the bass drum is not the centre of the drumset.

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Thomas Lang Retiring from Drumming!

The following story is an April Fool’s joke! It’s gotten a lot of response so I thought we’d keep it on the site. Thanks to everyone who commented. 🙂

In a shocking interview with radio station KAFJ in Albuquerque, drummer Thomas Lang says he’s giving up the sticks and pursuing more “meaningful” pursuits!

I don’t know, it’s like, I’ve conquered this drumming thing and I thought it would be rewarding, but really it’s all pointless. Drums are so easy – it’s really just waving your arms and banging and stuff like that, and things of that nature. I really thought it’d be harder than it really is.”

Lang further goes on to comment about how he misses his German homeland and desires to take up classical theorbo studies in Germany’s famed Fachgebiet Musik/Musikwissenschaft at the Universität Osnabrüc. Apparently, the drums just aren’t stretching him musically.

The drums just aren’t a challenge anymore. Sure, I can play a 3-2 clave with my left foot, a 7/16 diddle-egg 5 Murphy with my right hand, and solve pi to the ninth power with my left hand (I’m right handed, by the way), but what I really want to do is explore my more creative side and find a REAL instrument to play. That’s why I want to begin my studies at the Universität Osnabrüc to sit under the world renowned Flemish theorbist, Phillip d’McDerr. Plus, now I’ll be able to spend more quality time with my best friend in the whole wide world, Klaus!”

This is shocking news indeed, and we’ll keep you posted as this story unfolds. Read more here …

Drummer Talk 03/14/2008 – Polyrhythms

This week, we discuss the historical and musical aspects of polyrhythms. Mike covers the news, the Lesson 25 is the rudiment of the week, and Thomas Lang is the drummer of the week. Show Notes

Show Notes

DVD review – Thomas Lang’s Creative Coordination


Thomas Lang is BACH! … I mean back, he’s back, back again with his second instructional DVD from Hudson Music. This time he’s the Thomas Lang that we think of when someone says “wacky Austrian drummer.” He’s much more personable in this DVD and he’s quite funny, unlike his last DVD that where he earned his reputation for being robot like.

The focus of this DVD is advanced foot PATTERNS and the coordination matrix that he recently developed. I capitalized “patterns” in the last sentence because the DVD says that it’s advanced foot technique. It’s not. Foot technique is the physical movements we make with our hips, legs, and feet to operate the pedals at our feet. There is very little talk of actual foot technique in this dvd. Much like his previous work he gives tons of exercises to increase your chops, coordination, and independence equally between your feet. Read more

DVD review – Thomas Lang’s Creative Control

DVD review – Thomas Lang’s Creative Control

Thomas Lang’s original work Creative Control was my first introduction into the druminator. I remember I was looking for a video on stick tricks and stumbled across a clip from Hudson Music promoting Mr. Lang’s DVD. I was all like “that was too cool!!!” so I rushed out and bought it as soon as it came out. I re-watched it recently for this review and while I’m still blown away by his skill, I’m definitely in a different place in my walk as a musician then I was when I first purchased it.

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