thomas lang

Drummer Talk 08/10/2007 – The Truth About Tuning

Today we’re uncovering the truth about tuning. We also discuss news about Thomas Lang’s Creative Control book and Ludwig’s new Legacy Classic series. Listener, Steve Vorass is the drummer of the week and rudiment of the week is Ian’s “Swing (Ride) 5”. Show Notes

Drummer Talk 01/12/2007 – Drum Magazines

Today we discuss drum magazines and publications. We also hear the Lonestar Percussion romp as well as Ian’s post-party night with Tommy and Johnny recap.

Drummer Talk 01/02/2007 – PASIC Interviews

We are back from break and today I roll out some interviews from PASIC 2006. Interviews include Thomas Lang, Will Calhoun, Johnny Rabb, and more! Show Notes

Drummer Talk 11/17/2006 – PASIC 2006 Recap (Part 1)

We begin our PASIC 2006 recap this week. We talk about the road trip down, Gil Sharone, Todd Sucherman, Thomas Lang, and Teddy Campbell (plus Dave’s MiniDisc woes.)

This is Part 1 of who know how many?