Thomas Lang and Benny Greb give 5 pro drumming tips

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Thomas Lang and Benny Greb give 5 pro drumming tips

Music Radar chatted with Thomas Lang and Benny Greb to ask them their tips for pro drumming!

To set the drums up for the viewer so it looks cool from the front rather than for yourself. I know a lot of young drummers make that mistake. Number two would be to set the drums up so that the bass drum is facing the audience straight on, rather than being off to the right if you are a right-handed drummer, because the bass drum is not the centre of the drumset.

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How to Soundproof an Apartment to Muffle Your Wife’s Drumming

Excellent article from on soundproofing an apartment.

NEW YORK — Last year, when my wife and I had to beg permission from our co-op board in Jackson Heights, Queens, to swap our one-bedroom apartment for a two-bedroom unit, only one thing stood between us and our dream of getting our one-year-old son into his own room.


My wife is a professional percussionist. After three years of hearing her play marimba, djembe and conga in our living room — and hearing me fumble around on our upright piano — our neighbors wanted assurances that we would keep things quiet in our new home.

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How do you find inspiration?

In the last episode (February 29th, 2008) of Drummer Talk, the guys discussed how to get out of a musical rut. Many good ideas were discussed, but I wanted to challenge you to consider this: how, or in what, do you find inspiration? Read more

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We try something new today, for the first time we have drummer talk and drummer lunch at the same time. We spend the entire time conversing about Jay Graham’s letter about keeping time, playing other people’s kit, and increasing hand speed.

Drummer Talk 10/13/2005 – Custom Drums From A to Z(ed) (Part I)

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