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Todd Sucherman: Methods & mMechanics for Useful Musical Drumming

I’ve been excited to see this one for a while. I was waiting for the promised Blu-Ray version to come out so I could see if the instructional experience is that much better in HD. Alas, my patience expired when I saw it available on Netflix. I saw the preview for this DVD and thought “that guy sounds like a more progressive version of Steve Smith… and I like that.” As it turns out Todd Sucherman: drummer for Styx, session drummer, and clinician, is a big fan of Steve Smith. In fact Todd actually tells a touching personal story about his relationship with Steve Smith which is one of the nice little touches in this DVD that make it so great, but I’m getting ahead of myself. methods_mechanics Read more


Sabian Gets Fit With Thinner and Faster Models

Sabian has introduced a new addition to it’s AAX line. According to, these cymbals were made in response to a demand from gospel and R&B players. After listening to the samples on Sabian’s website, it looks like this would right up those player’s alley.

Most gospel drummer I hear are going for a fast attack and little decay. Typically you can get this with small cymbals (14″, 15″ etc) and while this new line includes those sizes, in big gospel or R&B bans, you’re looking for something that can really cut through. You just don’t get that with most 14″ or 15″ cymbals. This could be a hit for Sabian. AAX is a nice line.

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MD 2008 Festival Lineup Finalized


We’ve been following this for a while, but here is the final, official roster of artists for MD’s festival weekend to be held September 20 and 21 in NYC.

Will Calhoun
Living Colour
In 1988, Living Colour’s Will Calhoun exploded onto the world stage with a unique mix of power and finesse. Will’s continued to evolve in startling ways, and today he’s considered one of the most profound drummers alive.

Bill Stewart & Special Musical Guests
John Scofield/Pat Metheny

For two decades, Bill Stewart has been a wildly imaginative go-to drummer for today’s most successful jazz artists. And he’s a daring leader in his own right.

Billy Ward & His Trio

Joan Osborne/Robbie Robertson/Bill Champlin
Billy Ward is a world-renowned drummer of relentless creativity and purpose. He’s also one of the freshest, most incisive drumming scholars around.

Thomas Pridgen
The Mars Volta
Thomas Pridgen’s been winning drum-offs, endorsements, and scholarships since the second grade. And now he’s in the coolest, most advanced rock band of the age. Read more


Todd Sucherman DVD/Blu-Ray Disc Coming Soon!

Todd Sucherman (drummer of Styx) will soon be the first drummer ever to have an instructional video on Blu-Ray. The trailer for which you can view is below or you can view a higher quality version here. Little is known about the feature as of yet. However, I don’t think that it’s too much of a stretch to say that it will be a euphoric experience for your eyes and ears (if you’re a drummer who likes/loves Styx.)


In case you’re wondering, yes, I’m definitely going to be doing a review of it. It might be pricey… but that’s why I have a Summer Job!

JABB-B-B-B-B-B (Review Monkey 3.0â„¢)

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