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Drum! presents Drum Setup & Tuning Basics with Tommy Igoe

Drum! presents Drum Setup & Tuning Basics with Tommy Igoe

Every drummer’s body is different, and there is more than one way to be comfortable behind a set of drums. Don’t get sucked into the “right”and “wrong”trap, because what’s right for you may be wrong for someone else. This article is designed to give you a great place to start and from there, suit to taste. Also, if you are a lefty, just do the mirror image of what I describe here.

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Tommy Igoe on his new Yamahas

We reported how Mr. Igoe has moved over to Yamaha from DW, and here’s a video of him on his new tubs.  This still looks a little weird.

Drummer Talk 03/25/2011 – Monster Solos pt. 1 (#157)

Drummer Talk 03/25/2011 – Monster Solos pt. 1 (#157)

We’re back from Spring break with a new show on the top 20 monster drum solos caught on film from top 20 monster drummers!  We also discuss the brand spankin’ new where you can now create a profile!  Show notes are after the break!

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Groove Essentials Youtube Channel

So while searching for a story for today, I stumbled across the Hudson Music Youtube channel and found a whole channel for Tommy Igoe’s Groove Essentials 2 DVD. This particular clip popped out to me. It’s about rideless grooves and how to use them. I found it incredibly useful. Same ole Tommy. However, I noticed he’s using Evans heads now where he was using Remo before. Enjoy!


DVD Review – Groove Essentials w/Tommy Igoe

tommy-igoe-groove-essentials  I’m now realizing that I should have done this one a loooooong time ago. Tommy Igoe’s Groove Essentials DVD was originally a poster. Yup, a single sheet of paper. This humble piece of paper was destined for bigger things then anyone could have expected. Eventually the fans of the poster screamed for a film adaptation of the runaway hit! That call was answered and things have gotten plain old ridiculous from there. Read more

Drummer Talk 05/18/2007 – Tommy Igoe/Ask Dave Answered

We sit down and talk with Tommy Igoe this week as well as answer some questions from the “Ask Dave Mailbag.” Show Notes