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Travis Barker a YouTube Remix Hit

Source: San Fransisco Chronicle

A funny thing happened when Barker posted a video of himself on YouTube in September drumming thunderously in time with Southern rapper Soulja Boy’s smash hit single “Crank That (Soulja Boy).” Almost immediately, it began to spread virally among hip-hop heads. Fast-forward a year: The clip has been streamed a whopping 17.5 million times, and no one is more surprised than Barker, who says he put it online as a means to a much simpler end.


“You might have heard some of my remixes but never known it was me,” he said one blindingly hot afternoon at his North Hollywood recording studio. “I thought, ‘If I want my remixes to be popular, if I want people to even know I’m doing them, maybe I should use YouTube.’ I never thought we’d get as many views as we did. I was tripping!”

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3 Heavy Weights Weigh in on GH4 with Drums!

Videos are now beginning to circulate from Guitar Hero’s website which feature Chad Smith, Stewart Copeland, and Travis Barker all weighing in on Guitar Hero’s new drums feature.


Chad Smith is stoked about the idea and loves the thing: “It’s a real as you can get. For a Video game, it’s impressive. If it holds up to me beating on it, it should be pretty good.”

It looks as if Travis Barker does some motion capture for the game. “One of the things I has actually said when I was asked to be involved with this was, ‘will it be an exact interpretation of what that drummer is playing? Can I close my eyes and play a song I wrote the drum part for and socre a perfect score if I’m playing it right?’ And it was, ‘yes.'”

Man .. at first I wasn’t at all into this idea, but now I can see myself getting excited for it. I am cautiously optimistic.

Thanks to Big Drum Thump.