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Roots’ next record will be an orchestral concept album

It’s an odd turn, but if there’s a band that can pull it off, it’s The Roots.  In a recent Billboard interview, drummer and bandleader, ?uestlove, discussed how the band’s next record will be a full-length, orchestral concept album.

“It’s going to be heavy on sort of orchestral chamber music with harder beats in it”

Black Thought added that conceptually, the album will stem from the “same idea” as “How I Got Over,” but “kind of flipped. Instead of from dark to light, it’s an album that goes from light to dark,” he explained.

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We’ll be keeping our eye on this for sure!

?uestlove to hock Nikes

First it was clothes, then coffee and mugs, now ?uestlove, the groove machine for The Roots, has released his own line of Nike sneakers.

I know I’m not the target demo for these shoes, but I think they are simply hideous.  People even camped out in Philly to get their hands on them.  *sigh*

The Roots on Colbert Report

All this week, The Roots are being featured on Comedy Central’s Colbert Report (which is live in Philly). Check out their rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner.” Man, it hurts to see them smash the guitars.

P.S. Is that bass made of titanium!?!

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?uestlove to Produce Al Green’s New Album

Source: LiveDaily.com

“Lay It Down,” Green’s first studio album since 2005’s “Everything’s OK,” features co-production by Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson and keyboardist James Poyser. The set, which is due in stores May 27, also features guest shots from John Legend, Corinne Bailey Rae and Anthony Hamilton, among others.

“I’ve never heard anything quite like it, ’cause I’ve never had anybody produce me other than Willie Mitchell,” Green told Billboard.com last summer. “And when you give these young kids a shot at it, it’s interesting to see the art they make. It’s beautiful.”

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Drummer Talk 04/11/2008 – Where No Drums Have Gone Before

Today we cover playing along with pieces that don’t necessarily call for drum parts (like in classical music!) ?uestlove is the drummer of the week, the ten-stroke roll is the rudiment of the week, and Dave rants on MikeDolbear.com’s reader poll results! Show Notes