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Drummer Talk 08/29/2008 – Getting Crazy Sounds from the Kit

We explore getting crazy sounds from the kit on today’s show.  Joe Morello is the drummer of the week, the start learning hybrid rudiments with the Shirley Murphy, we review the Vic Firth Isolating Headphones, and Ask Dave answers an ASCAP question.  Show Notes

Drummer Talk 08/21/2008 – Working with Live Sound Guys

This week we talk about working with live sound guys .. gals .. humans.  Sound people.  John Bonham is the drummer of the week, the Inverted Flam Tap is the rudiment of the week, and we review the Lenny White signature stick by Vic Firth.  Show Notes

Vic Firth Unveils Lenny White Signature Stick

In what seems like a “why did they wait so long” kind of story, Vic Firth has recently unveiled a new Lenny White Signature stick to correspond with White’s reunion with Return 2 Forever and their tour.

The stick is 16″ long and .580″ in diameter – between and 5A and 5B.  Think Erkine ride stick with a beefier tip.

There are lots of cool videos and more over at’s Lenny White page.

Vic Firth Wins Maine Wood Products Award


The Maine Wood Product Association presents their Pine Tree Award each year to a Maine-based, wood products manufacturing company that has taken innovative steps in the past two years to strengthen their business. Vic Firth Inc.’s continued investment in their Newport, Maine manufacturing facility, coupled with the ongoing expansion of two diverse product lines and increasing annual sales were deciding factors in choosing Vic Firth Inc. for this year’s honour.

Read the full story here …

Collection of solos from PASIC 2007

You’ve heard us talk endlessly about PASIC. Well, here is a Vic Firth video of several different solos from PASIC 2007 in Columbus, OH. Features Omar Hakim, Dave Weckl, Ndugu Chancler, Alex Acuña, and Peter Erskine.


Sticks, Sticks, Sticks

I talk to a lot of drummers about sticks. It’s amazing the differences in players and their preferences. Here’s my take.

Ive been a fan of Buddy Rich’s stick way back before Vic Firth even sold them. Ludwig made a model, 15AL (laminated maple) that were identical to the now VF Buddy Rich Sigs. I use the Rich sigs for heavier work. What I like most about these sticks is the fact that due to the long, beadless taper, the majority of the stick’s weight is closer to the fulcrum. This gives a more effortless feel (especially in my traditional hand) with the stick feeling like it’s moving around the fulcrum, not in front of it. So for rock, funk, or louder worship settings, I use the BR sigs. Read more