Innovation and the Old Days

“They don’t make em’ like they used to.”

Ludwig Drum Factory WWI

Drummers (and musicians in general) have a lot in common with wine snobs (no offense to people who enjoy wine and aren’t snobs.) There always seems to be a longing for something that has passed. A “back in them good ol’ days” kinda thing. We criticize drum companies for lack of innovation and then whine when they lack that “vintage” sound/feel when they change something. It must be difficult trying to please consumers with such schizophrenic desires.

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Contemplating Vintage

So I’m at Guitar Center recently and they’ve got a nice 1966 Ludwig Champagne Sparkle 4pc drum kit for sale. They’ve knocked a ton off the price and I am seriously thinking of picking it up. (You can check out pics on the Moblog). And with that, I ‘ve recently dipped into the land of vintage drums and drumming. I can’t believe how much information is out there on this gear. There are magazines, websites, and societies and has left my head is spinning with all there is to learn. I’ve dug up a lot about the actual kit I’m looking at, but there’s just so much out there – which kit is which, what color was released in what year, is 1966 a good year (like wine), what were the innovations that were happening at the time, where do the serial numbers place the kit? All this stuff! Read more

My own vintage decals

I’m playing with Neal Bowen and Jonathan Penalber in a little Jazz combo called The BeBop Broadcasting Network and I was thinking I need to get on of those retro bass drum decals like Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa had back in the 30’s-50’s.

Originally, I looked into using, but while $35 for a decal isn’t bad, I know I could squirt out my own design for less. So I popped open Illustrator, spent about an hour getting one together and called up my local sign shop. To my amazement, they only charged my $10 to get one of these decals made! So I ordered 2 (and got 6 by the time it was over … long story) – one to put on my 18″ Mapex and one to put on my 22″ Starclassic.

They look really great. As soon as I get a pic of one on the drum itself, I’ll post it up.