Drummer Talk 212 – Industry Gigs for the Non-Gigging Musician

Drummer Talk

Drummer Talk 212 – Industry Gigs for the Non-Gigging Musician

What happens if you’re a musician, but you’re not really looking for a career in the performance, composing, or teaching side of the music industry? I sat down with Travis Goodwin from Yamaha and we discussed the options out there for non-gigging musicians.

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Dave Weckl to Clinic Tour with Yamaha’s New Phoenix Kit

Source: Rhythm Magazine

Drum sensation Dave Weckl will be conducting a short UK clinic tour in November to promote the arrival of Yamaha’s brand new PHX – Phoenix kit, billed by Yamaha as ‘the ultimate drum kit’. Yamaha claims it’s their best sounding kit ever and at over £5000 it’s also the most expensive and the result of over five years of extensive research at Yamaha’s drum laboratory in Japan.

Dave Weckl, together with a leading group of some of the world’s most respected drum artists have been working alongside Yamaha’s top sound engineers and drum technicians on the Phoenix since the idea was first conceived in 2003.

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Yamaha to Unveil Stage Custom Birch Kit at Winter NAMM 08

Source: Harmony Central

Yamaha Drums will introduce a Stage Custom Birch kit at Winter NAMM 2008. Perfect for students, houses of worship and gigging drummers, the 100 percent birch shells offer a cutting low-end, while eight new gorgeous lacquer finishes provide sustain and great looks. Yamaha’s first mid-priced Birch kit also comes with all-new, top-quality 700 series hardware.

“Following the success of the all-Maple Tour Custom set, we developed the Stage Custom Birch to put an all-Birch, lacquer-finished Yamaha kit within reach of almost anyone,” said Jim Haler, product manager, Yamaha Drums, Pro Audio & Combo Division.

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Yamaha Overhauls Their Flagship DTXTREME Electronic Drums

Source: Harmony Central

… the new DTXTREME III kits promise to set the standard for sound and function. In addition to redesigned cymbals, a new kick tower, and an all-new module, the sets use the same technology that powers the supercharged Yamaha MOTIF XS synthesizer.

In addition to over 1,000 onboard drum, percussion and special effect voices, the module includes over 100 General MIDI voices. With the optional memory installed, 512 MB of sampling allows players to trigger a large library of custom sounds. Combine the stacking and layering capabilities of 100 voices with other advanced features, and the DTXTREME III is a complete workstation for drummers. Both DTXTREME III versions include 3-zone drum and cymbal pads, USB connectivity and an advanced internal sequencer.

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Yamaha Talks Up New Hex Rack System

Yamaha Talks Up New Hex Rack System

Falling somewhere in between Gibraltar’s round rack system and Pearl’s square rack system, Yamaha announced an hexagonal rack system at the Winter NAMM 2008. Yamaha claims the design provides “superior strength,” and “delivers a reliable, strong, easy-to-use and visually stunning rack in one innovative package.” A few NAMM pics are floating around the internet.

The model numbers are also popping up on music retail sites. Here are all the details from the Yammy press release:

ANAHEIM, Calif. – Every now and again, a new product begs the question, “Why didn’t anyone think of that before?” With the introduction of the new Hex Rack Systemâ„¢ at Winter NAMM 2008, Yamaha Drums will undoubtedly be hearing that query frequently. Read more